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  • Joint Planning and Budget Committee

    Primary Joint Planning & Budget Documents


         UW-L 2015-17 Capital Budget Planning Process 

         Annual Planning and Budget Timeline

         Budget 101 

         Overview of Growth, Quality & Access Assessment Benchmarks

         Strategic Planning - 2012 Update - Executive Summary

         Student Fieldhouse Project Planning

    2014-2015 Membership

    Martin Allen, CS-CSH/Faculty Senate VC
    Enilda Delgado, SOC/ARC-CLS
    Jenifer Holman, LIB
    Eric Kraemer, PHL-CLS
    Rebecca LeDocq, MTH-CSH
    Aaron Monte, CHM-CSH, CHAIR
    Steven Thornburg, ACC-CBA

    Academic Staff
    Louise Janke, Financial Aid
    Pat Markos, ME-PD/ASC VC
    Troy Richter, Residence Life
    Douglas Salmon, Student Affairs
    Diane Sasaki, International Ed
    Penny Tiedt, Continuing Ed   

    Classified Staff
    Karoline Auby, MTH
    Ingrid Iverson, LIB

    Zachary Koop, PhY undergrad
    Hayley Kresnak, POL undergrad
    Quinn Devlin, CHE grad
    Sam Pierce, SAA grad

    Ruthann Benson, Dean, CLS
    Robert Hetzel, VC for Admin & Finance (CFO)
    Paula Knudson, VC for Stud Affairs/Dean of Students
    Heidi Macpherson, Provost/VC for Acad Affairs
    Bruce May, Dean, CBA
    Gregory Reichert, VC for Univ Advancement
    Bruce Riley, Dean, CSH

    Ex-Officio (non-voting) Members
    Robert Hoar, Assoc VC for Academic Affairs
    Catherine Lavalee-Welch, Library Director
    Mark Reeves, Asst VC, Financial Services
    Natalie Solverson, Director of Institutional Research
    Marcie Wycoff-Horn, Director of School of Education


    JP&B Committee meets at 1:15 p.m., 325 Graff Main Hall
    Spring 2015 Meeting Dates:

    February 4, 18
    March 4
    April 1, 15, 29 

    Meeting Minutes
    September 17, 2014
    October 01, 2014
    October 15, 2014
    November 12, 2014
    December 10, 2014