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Classified Staff Council
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  • Committees

    2014-15 University Committees

    CSAC Subcommittees

    • Committee On Committees
      Susan Betts, Chair
      Karoline Auby
      Mary Grattan
    • Bylaws Committee
      Mary Grattan
      Josh Kraft
      Cyndi Taylor
    • Grants/Fundraising Committee
      Becky Yoshizumi
      Rachel Berry  
      (several open spots)
    • Classified Staff Excellence Award

             Rachel Berry
             Kimberly Dearman
             Kelley Becker
             Lisa Severson
             Tracey Simpson     

    • Parking and Appeals Committee
      Maureen Wilson

    Joint Committee Representatives

    • Environmental Sustainability Committee
      John Pieper
      Janet Abnet
    • Legislative & Regents Relations
      Laura Godden
    • Minority Affairs
      Janet Abnet
    • Planning and Budget
      Karoline Auby
      Ingrid Iverson 
    • Textbook Oversight Committee
      Marge Troka  

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    Committee reports