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  • Alumni/candidate profiles

    le Lindsay Engh, MPH-CHE
    I graduated in May 2013 from the MPH program.  I earned my bachelor of science in Exercise and Sport Science from UWL in 2005.  I worked in San Diego as an exercise physiologist at a preventive care clinic for 3 years before making the leap to accept a job opportunity in Germany working for the U.S. Department of Defense.  After completing my 2 year contract in Germany, my travels and life experiences led me to pursue my Masters in Public Health at UWL.  I completed my preceptorship with Gundersen Global Partners, which allowed me to further my interest in global health issues.  I am insatiably curious and still discovering new areas of interest in this broad but fascinating field.  I am currently competing for a CDC fellowship and gaining experience with the inmate population and public health issues as well as addressing food insecurities and food deserts through aquaponics and urban farming.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the program or public health in general.
    Jenna W Jenna Willems, MPH-CHE
    I have a Bachelors of Science in Community Health Education. I received my undergraduate degree at UWL and truly enjoyed my educational experience, the professors, and opportunities for development and networking. For that reason, I decided to explore an MPH degree at UWL. I am interested in alcohol and other drug abuse, particularly binge drinking, worksite/employee wellness, violence prevention, and mental/emotional health. I am hoping to become a public health professional in a career that keeps me on my toes and allows for professional development opportunities. I'm particularly interested in working with students at a University setting.   
     ctol3 Casey Tolzman, MPH-CHE
    For undergrad, I majored in biology with a nutrition minor at UWL. I decided to go for a master's in public health at the same school because I liked the school, city, and people. I chose the subject because of my interest in enabling people to live healthy lives from a holistic perspective. When beginning the program I had little notion of what I might do with the degree but now have plans to help with community development in southeast Asia and indirectly or directly helping to bring an end to human trafficking in that region.
    Kate N3 Kate Noelke, MPH-CHE

    I found my way to public health and community health education by following a winding road that eventually led me to my passion. I graduated with a degree in Anthropology and subsequently worked for eight years guiding kayaking trips and as an auto salesperson in the La Crosse Area. I chose the Coulee Region to make my home and found the graduate programs in the Department of Health Education and Health Promotion through making connections during a semester of work in the University of Wisconsin Extension Health and Wellness Management program. I proudly represent the non-traditional students in graduate studies and has committed myself to pursuing education and learning opportunities at every stage of life. 

    I dove in head-first to my graduate degree at UWL. I worked on strategic planning for health care organizations, needs and capacity assessments, and focus group facilitation during my preceptorship at Scenic Bluffs Community Health Centers. I am a proponent for health-related self-efficacy, health policy, environmental and social determinants of health. My graduate project was centered on researching how to improve health care quality improvement within the Patient Centered Medical Home model. I plan to work in public health and to practice the skills and competencies gained in the program and also to pursue a doctoral education in community-based public health and community health education within four years of graduation. I will graduate with an MPH in August of 2014. 

    AB Alexandria Berg, BS

    I completed my Bachelor of Science at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire with a concentration in Kinesiology and Human Performance. For one semester, during my undergraduate education, I studied abroad in Ghana, West Africa where I took classes at the University of Ghana. One class in particular, Malnutrition and Livelihood Sustainability in Ghana, was what inspired my interest and path into the public health field. I choose UWL because I they have reputable programs, specifically related to health, exercise and fitness. I also liked the La Crosse area, and the community here is very active and welcoming. Faculty were extremely helpful and encouraging. I loved the interaction and personable contact I received from staff before I was even on campus for my first semester! Future aspirations: I would love to possibly work for an international or non-profit organization, focusing on global and community health, or work in a local community-based setting in health education and health promotion.

    Samantha Rublee Samantha Rublee, BS

    I received my Bachelors of Science in biology from UWL with a minor in nutrition in May 2013. I began the Master of Public Health in Community Health Education program at UWL in September 2013. My mom is a public health dental hygienist in the northern region of WI so public health has always been a part of my life. I decided to continue my education in La Crosse with my MPH because I saw the value in having an education in population-based preventive medicine. For people who want opportunities for change and advancement within a career, there are numerous work settings and health focuses that can be explored throughout a career in public health (employee wellness, infectious disease control, clinical health education, and research to name a few). It is an 'up-and-coming' field that I am confident will only continue to be utilized as prevention of chronic diseases will only be an increasing necessity. I have tailored my master's education to my special interests in women's and maternal health. I will be completing my program preceptorship at Gundersen Health System with the Community and Preventive Care Services. I hope to work within either a clinic or hospital setting someday as a health educator. Let's prevent the problem before it even begins!    

     MT Melanie Tatge, BS

    I completed my Bachelor of Science at  UWL in Sociology with a minor in German Studies.  Throughout my academic career I always knew that I wanted to work in the health field. When I discovered Public Health I knew it was the perfect fit. Public health provided me an outlet to conduct research and have a positive health impact on the communities that I currently reside and in the future.  When I realized that one of the best public health accredited programs was at my alma mater I knew that UWL would be the place for me. The Health Education and Health Promotion really emanate the feeling of a family and support.  Post-graduation I hope to work with infectious diseases at local, state or national level.