Community Health Programs
University Credit  or CEUs or CECHs and/or Professional Development Opportunities

Adolescent Health Symposium: Experiential Learning Strategies in Health
(Symposium is based on a collaborative effort involving UW-Oshkosh, UW-La Crosse and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction)

Picture of adolescents grouped together.February 13-14, 2014 (2015 Dates to be determined)

HED 467/567, Section 730
HED 495/595, Section 731

February 13, 2014; 9 am-5 pm
February 14, 2014; 8:30 am-12 pm
Special student rates are available
Credit Option*: 1 UG/GRAD
Concourse Hotel, Madison, Wis.

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This highly anticipated annual event addresses key health issues impacting our youth. Participants include teachers, counselors, community agency professionals, health educators and health and human service professionals.

For more information about these programs, or the opportunity to work in partnership for the development of educational activities that address special needs, contact Gary Gilmore, MPH, Ph.D., MCHES, Community Health Program Director, at 608.785.8163 or

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*UW-L Academic Credit Registration form and Online Admission Application Directions (3 page PDF)

  • Participants who wish to receive academic credit for participation in the Symposium, must register for the Adolescent Health Symposium through UW-Oshkosh Continuing Education and Extension, PLUS sign up for 1 credit of academic credit for an additional fee through UW-La Crosse Continuing Education and Extension. Syllabus listing additional responsibilities is included.
  • If you have already taken HED 467 or 567 for academic credit in the past, you may sign up for HED 495 or 595 since each offering of the Symposium has new educational material associated with it.

A $15 Registration Fee/semester and a $2/credit D2L (Desire2Learn) Fee is assessed to all undergraduate and graduate students each semester.

The tuition plateau does not apply to students enrolling in undergraduate or graduate credit courses through the  Office of Continuing Education and Extension.

For UW-La Crosse Credit Option: Briana Meuer, 608.785.6513,

For questions: Office of Continuing Education and Extension, 920.424.1129 or toll-free 800.633.1442 and/or visit

For questions regarding the program or the process, contact Dr. Gilmore at