Model Course Proposal Directory: Instructional Practices

Classroom Climate

Grade Level Course Title # of Credits Description: Participants will... Semester/Year Offered School District or Organization Instructor of Record/Contact
4K-12 Educator Effectiveness 1 Understand the Educator Effectiveness model; Have a clear understanding of the performance piece connected to C. Danielson’s Framework for Teaching. Fall 2012 Dawn Woychik
PK-12 Blended Learning in the Classroom 1 Be given an overview of blended learning; use of video conferencing to support collaboration and communication; Learn “Flipping” your classroom strategies and methodologies; Participate in 2, 2.5 hour hands on technology sessions learning the tools to support blended learning. Fall 2012 Rob Tyvoll
(La Crosse)
Contact CEE office: 608.785.6528
K-12 Transforming 2 Have a better understanding of current WI initiatives as they relate to literacy instruction; develop a deeper understanding of Common Core State Standards in ELA. Summer 2013 Lynette Livingston

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