Model Course Proposal Directory: Instructional Practices


Grade Level Course Title # of Credits Description: Participants will... Semester/Year Offered School District or Organization Instructor of Record/Contact
PK-16 Navigating Change-The Common Core and Beyond 1-2 Explore the issues of academic rigor and text complexity in the common core standards and SMARTER Balanced Assessments; learn how to respond to the needs of all learners through differentiation; investigate current educational practices used throughout the state; identify plans and strategies for local implementation of conference information. Fall 2012 Sandy Richert
4K Creative Curriculum 4K Book Study 1 Encourage and reflect about techniques and practices that may be used in classrooms; increase our thinking about appropriate early curriculum content and related teaching strategies. Spring 2013 Wendy Savaske
4K-12 Aligning Standards with Units of Study and Build Your Own Curriculum 2 Create units of study aligned to Common Core or State Standards; Create common assessments based on learning targets; Utilize build your own curriculum to accomplish #1 & 2. Fall 2012 Kim Fischer
4K-12 Understanding the Culture of Poverty 2 Receive help in working effectively with students and adults from poverty; discuss resources, support systems, discipline, and academic achievement with further understanding. Spring 2013 Margie Dorshorst
715.424.6777 Ext. 2301
4K-12 Engaging Students Through Service Learning 1 Explain how service learning is different from community service or volunteer work; Use the steps of service learning, create a high quality service learning experience to increase academic achievement and engagement; Adjust instruction to use service learning as a teaching methodology. J-Term 2013 Margie Dorshorst
715.424.6777 Ext. 2301
4K-12 Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Student Learning and Behavior 1 Identify the biological impact of ongoing trauma on the brain; Identify traumatic life events in their students; Understand the impact of trauma on student learning; Understand the impact of trauma on student behaviors. J-Term 2013 Margie Dorshorst
715.424.6777 Ext. 2301
4K-12 Creating Compassionate Schools;Addressing Impact of Trauma on Student Learning and behavior 1 Identify Indicators of trauma in their students; Identify components of the classroom/school environment that increase impact of trauma on learning and behavior; Identify strategies to incorporate into the classroom to reduce the impact of trauma; Apply the Learning and evaluate the impact on learning and behavior. Spring 2013 Margie Dorshorst
715.424.6777 Ext. 2301
K-12 Assoc. of Experiential Education 40th Annual International Conference 1 Learn about the most current theory, practice, and philosophy of experiential education; Actively participate in discussions/roundtables and sessions over 3.5 days; Be able to apply the knowledge and strategies learned to their own work as educators. Fall 2012 Carla Hacker
K-12 Math teachers Curriculum Camp-Mathematics 2 Navigate the structural elements of the Mathematics Curriculum Companion; Identify the critical focus areas within each module/unit; differentiate between Sense-making concepts, Sense-making Strategies and Sense-making Applications/Modeling standards; develop a high-demand mathematics task; create a balanced assessment based on Depth of Knowledge qualifiers or the Smarter-Balanced Assessment claims Spring 2013 Billie Finco