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Fine Arts

Grade Level Course Title # of Credits Description: Participants will... Semester/Year Offered School District or Organization Instructor of Record/Contact
K-8 Leonardo's Workshop 1 Art Specialists have the unique opportunity to reach all students within the school community. The visual arts contribute to advancing depth of knowledge of STEM concepts and vocabulary within a classroom. Art lessons can also aid non-English speakers with nonlinguistic representations that can reinforce STEM standards. The arts also contribute to higher level thinking and problem solving as art programs or lessons can go beyond the Spatial/Mechanical, Logical/Mathematical Multiple Intelligences. Participants in this workshop will develop an understanding of the importance of integrating art into core subjects such as Math, Science, and Engineering Literacy. Participants will also be able to visualize, create and demonstrate specific lessons of art integration. Classroom teachers without the benefit of an art specialist may also easily utilize these lesson plans and strategies in their classroom. Spring 2013 CEE
Annette Valeo
K-12 Independent Study: Introduction to Encaustic Painting 1 Offers participants a basic introduction to the encaustic method and medium; Identify ways in which encaustic can inform their own artistic vision Summer 2013 Jennifer Terpstra
Music and Dance students Technology Integration into the Music Classroom 3 Learn how to use various applications, recording and music programs on devices such as Android, Phone and Computer Spring 2013 Bryce Bird