Model Course Proposal Directory: Instructional Practices

Technology Literacy & Integration

Grade Level Course Title # of Credits Description: Participants will... Semester/Year Offered School District or Organization Instructor of Record/Contact
PK-6 Technology Integration Program 2 Identify and explore technology tools to use with each strategy; identify specific grade-level ITLS skills to teach; attend one day training and professional development activities organized around the instructional strategies frame work provided by coaches; implement and assess unit plans. Fall 2012 Jeff Fimreite
Ext. 439
PK-12 Blended Learning in the Classroom 1 Be given an overview of blended learning; use of video conferencing to support collaboration and communication; Learn “Flipping” your classroom strategies and methodologies; Participate in 2, 2.5 hour hands on technology sessions learning the tools to support blended learning. Fall 2012 Rob Tyvoll
(La Crosse)
Contact CEE office: 608.785.6528
K-12 Collaboration in the Classroom with Google Apps 1 Learn how to utilize a variety of Google Apps (documents, forms, sites, calendars, and advanced search); practice the skills needed to effectively teach the selected instructional technology; use face-to-face instructional time to explore each tool as a student, learning vocabulary and the basics of use. J-Term 2013 (Ends in Spring) Michael St. Pierre
(West Salem)
608.786.0700 Ext. 2336
K-12 Working with the Promethean Board 1 Understand the capabilities of ActivInspire; know the specific use of each tool; design a lesson using the Promethean board. Fall 2012 Angela Woyak
K-12 WTEA 44th Annual Conference: Connecting the Future 1 Learn new concepts & skills for TEE including: Graphic Arts, Innovation & Design, Robotics, and Alternative Energy Sources; Attend a general session with a feature presentation by Jim Johnson, President of Pierce Manufacturing; Participate in sectional presentations and visit the exhibition hall. Spring 2013 Joe Ciontea
4-5 iBooks Author 2 Create and design their own textbooks using iBooks Author to use in an ebook environment. Spring 2013 Thomas Steward
9-12 Masonry Techniques for the Tech Ed Classroom 1 Participants will understand information about brick, block and mortar used in masonry construction. Proper safety and use of hand tools; Develop basic masonry techniques through hands-on activity. Fall 2012 Thomas Martin
PreK-12+ Classroom 2.0: Using Free Web tools/Digital Literacy Part II 2 Be able to access free web tools/apps; expected to integrate tools that work for their classrooms, subjects and students Spring 2013 Kaye Henrickson
(UW-La Crosse)
K-12 Online Teaching 3 Be engaged in a seven-week, fully online course that aligns with the Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction Guidelines on Professional Development for Teaching Online Courses; Experience meaningful online classroom experiences for today’s students in the digital world by exploring ways to use technology through Web 2.0 tools, interaction, curriculum guidance, and supported collaboration. Spring 2013
Summer 2013
Jeffrey Wright
(Sauk Prairie School Dist.)
K-12 Brainstorm 14-Technology Innovations 1 Learn about the most current IT solutions for education and administrative technologies; Participate in discussions/roundtables and sessions over 2.5 days; Be able to apply the knowledge and strategies learned to their own school district IT and educational technology initiatives Spring 2013 Victoria Lyons
K-12 Collaboration in the Classroom with Web tools 1 Develop 21st century thinking skills, enhance content understanding and prepare for the global world; learn how to utilize Web 2.0 to increase collaboration with teachers and students; introduction to and practice with the skills needed to effectively use and teach about the selected technology; use face-to-face instructional time to explore a variety of tools as a student, learning vocabulary and the basics of use; participants will be expected to complete class activities and assignments that integrate skills learned into their curriculum presentation. Spring 2013 Michael St. Pierre
(West Salem)
608.786.0700 Ext. 2336
K-12 Google Applications in K-12 School Settings 1 Explore the application of Google Forms in creating formative and summative assessments for the classrooms; read, send forward, reply and organize email using gmail; experiment with and identify specific lessons and units that Google Docs will be utilized Spring 2013 Char Lemke
PreK-12 FLCS Summer Academy 1 Attend hands-on training in new tools for technology and/or RTI Writers’ Workshop or Common Core integration; develop a unit in which they will implement the newly gained techniques, strategies and/or skills; demonstrate understanding of strategies for effectively integrating technology and/or RTI Summer 2013 Aggie Salter
4K-5 Creating Innovative Learning Experiences 1 Create a personal learning plan to integrate research-based innovative learning practices in elementary classrooms. Integrate a learning goal with current innovative topics including technology, Professional Learning Communities, Responsive Classroom, and charter school governance.  Summer 2013 Margie Dorshort
6-12 Flipping Your Classroom 2 Differentiate between the traditional and wide array of “blended and online” types of classrooms that exist; explain the benefits associated with “flipping” a classroom; use a variety of video editing software and technology to create engaging videos; plan in class activities to accompany their videos that are engaging , inquiry based, applicable to the real world, project based and/or hands on; evaluate videos and activities created by peers and generate ideas for improving their own classroom based on this process Summer 2013 Barb Sparish
Music and dance students Technology Integration into the Music Classroom 3 Learn how to use various applications, recording and music programs on devices such as an Android Phone and Computer; learn how to incorporate the use of these devices and programs into the daily classroom and performances; Attend a choreography conference to better learn how to incorporate these new techniques into my classes; learn to use platforms such as Blackboard Collaborate and Elluminate Live! To better connect to on-line students Spring 2013 Bryce Bird

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