Educator Professional Development


Family Systems Theory

July 7-August 15, 2014
UW-La Crosse offers 3 UG Credits
CYC 411, Section 411
Tuition, 3 UG Credits

Course Description: The course studies the family as a system, family life cycle stages, tasks and difficulties that families may experience as they move through their developmental stages. Concepts and principles applicable to helping people within a systems perspective will also be discussed.

Purpose of Course: Students will obtain a basic knowledge of systems theory as applied to working with families. Systems theory will be used as a framework to explain dynamics in various family structures and transitional points in development. Students will learn to distinguish among the various popular therapeutic approaches to working with families. A major focus of the course is student understanding of family organization and function, including intimacy, parenting, communication and conflict negotiation, and gender and ethnic differences.


  • School staff including counselors, psychologists, social workers
  • Community social workers
  • Professional working with families

Instructor: Lisa Caya, Ph.D.

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