Learning In Retirement Video Transcript

As we age exercising the mind is as important as exercising the body. The Learning in Retirement program at UW-La Crosse provides seniors an opportunity to pursue lifelong learning.

Rita Mc Gaughey - I think it keeps you young. Lifelong learning is certainly being chartered as far as the population ages. Of course none of us see us getting old but I think I always was interested in more and more because of the changes in the world

Jim Pinger - You never really quit learning you know at least that’s the way we look at life. We really have enjoyed what we’ve done here.

Wilma Scheffner - It s a wonderful opportunity for seniors who want to continue to learn, to keep actively and mentally fresh, and also to have an opportunity to explore more detail on their interests. And the great thing about this group is the total gamut of things that we offer in programming.

Tom Wirkus - Hi I’m Tom Wirkus and I’m one of the many seniors in our area involved in the Learning in Retirement Program. We’d like you to join us as we explore a wide variety of topics in a warm and friendly atmosphere. More than two hundred seniors in the region are already taking part in Learning in Retirement. L.I.R offers stimulating programs intended to expand your knowledge. You can explore new ideas in a very informal setting with other retirees from all walks of life. Topics for the courses offered are selected by seniors in our group. Programs are scheduled to fit in with retired lifestyles. Courses are held one day a week for two hours with three to five sessions, so there isn’t a lot of time involved and of course attendance is not required. Many courses are offered in the early fall and the spring to accommodate people who winter in the south and west. Programs are scheduled late mornings and afternoons. For folks who live here year round we offer the cabin fever series of programs during the winter months. These are generally single day courses that cover a variety of topics. Travel talks are geared for participants eager to learn about far off places. Presenters from throughout the community share their globetrotting experiences with the group. It’s a popular series of programs and a great way to learn about other cultures. Everyone is welcome to join. Registration fees are low. There are no educational requirements. And you can choose to participate in as many classes as you like.

Rita Mc Gaughey - One of the things we really want people to know is your pre education is not a requisite at all. This is not only for people with degrees, it is for anyone who is interested in learning.

Jim Pinger - There is no requirement, no prerequisites for classes, there is no homework, the only thing that you have to have is a few dollars to sign up for the course and we feel that every one of them has been well worth it.

Frank Linder -There is nothing to prepare for, and just come and sit and listen if that is what you want to do. Or you can participate in the discussions. The professors that teach these courses are always willing to discuss things and explain them to us.

Wilma Scheffner - This is something that it’s an opportunity for you to share in information, fellowship, and have some mental stimulation but you don’t really have a lot of obligation. In other words, it’s a do as you like kind of program. Which I think totally fits the retirement years.

Tom Wirkus (narration) - Many of the courses are held right at the UW-La Crosse campus. There is plenty of free parking and easy access for participants with physical challenges. Instructors for many of the classes come from the faculty at UW-La Crosse, Viterbo University, or Western Wisconsin Technical College. Other instructors come from a variety of professions and agencies throughout the community and area. Instructors tell us they enjoy the classes just as much as the students.

Susan Rush - There is something about teaching someone who doesn’t have to be there, who is there just because they have a passion for what you might be wanting to impart, and I always look forward. I taught them, I had four classes two hours each and I look forward even in a busy semester.

Tom Wirkus (narration) - From politics to poetry, from antiques to archeology, from travel to technology, Learning in Retirement courses cover a broad array of topics that will help expand your world and enhance your enjoyment of life. Whether it’s in a classroom setting or on a fieldtrip, you’re sure to find something that will interest you. Learning in Retirement is also a great way to meet other seniors. There is camaraderie in the classroom and luncheon and breakfast programs in the fall and spring provide opportunities to socialize. We could go on and on about all of the benefits of becoming involved in Learning in Retirement. We invite you to become part of the program by calling 608-785-6506 for membership information and a list of scheduled courses and other activities. And don’t forget, a membership in Learning in Retirement would make an excellent gift for someone you know.

Jim Pinger -  We’d like to see more get involved I feel that it’s worthwhile and you never know until you try I’d say. Jump in there and get you feet wet

Susan Rush -Come and join us, join those of us who are already a part of the program, and see if you can’t enhance your life some way. Come and participate, I think life is about participation and this is another way to participate.

Rita Mc Gaughey - I wouldn’t hesitate at all to say just come and try it, just try one. And I am convinced that they would be smitten.

Tom Wirkus - Thanks for taking the time to watch this program. We invite you to make new friends, expand your world, and explore new ideas with us as a member of Learning in Retirement.