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Course Descriptions

Research Core (6 hours required)

Introduction to Research
EFN 730 Credits 3

Present purposes, methods, and techniques in the conduct of research. Emphasis on understanding the product of current research. Each student is guided through a self-selected problem.

Interpretation of Statistical Data
EFN 735 Credits 3

An introductory course in statistics with the essential purpose of providing scholars with the tools to interpret and evaluate the results of research.

Core Courses (24 hours required)

Facility Management in Sport
ESS 545 Credits 3
A study of planning techniques concerning facility development and maintenance for schools, athletic clubs, fitness centers, and professional sport organizations. Prerequisite: Graduate standing in ESS or acceptance to undergraduate sport management emphasis.

Sport Administration
ESS 702 Credits 3
Principles of management theory and practice in the sport industry, including management functions, personnel, fiscal, program, and facility management of athletic/sport administration enterprise.

Financial Management for Sport Programs
ESS 738 Credits 3
Principles of sport finance and economics including budget development and management, fund-raising, and economic impact of sport, financial theories and practical application of sport income and expenditures in current society.

Sport Law
ESS 739 Credits 3
A comprehensive examination of the court and legal system as it relates to the sport enterprise.

Sport Marketing
ESS 754 Credits 3
Principles of marketing theory and practice in the sport industry to include public relations, promotions, special events, fund raising, and media.

Sport & Society
ESS 766 Credits 3
An examination of twentieth-century American culture and the role played in it by sports. Areas to be examined are: the family, labor, industry, schools, churches, communication media, population mobility, government, race relations, foreign relations, war activities, and democracy as they are related to sports in America.

Internship in Sport Administration
ESS 788 Credits 6
The internship is designed to be a terminal experience for Sport Administration students with an intensive supervised practical work experience. Students must complete all course work and comprehensive exams prior to internship.

Elective Courses (6 hours required)

Psychological Aspects of Sport
ESS 749 Credits 3
Examines the developmental, personal, social and psychological aspects of sport performance. Special attention is given to psychological factors such as activation, aggression, anxiety, affiliation, motivation, personality, and performance variables.

Issues in Sport Management
ESS 760 Credits 3
This course is designed to provide the learner the opportunity to study specific problems in the field of athletics, and to analyze the constantly changing areas of coaching through lectures, readings, visual aids, discussion, and student investigation.

Event Management
ESS 710 Credits 3
This course is designed to assist students in understanding the concepts related to planning, promoting, managing and evaluating an event from inception to post-event analysis and to understand some of the specialized terminology used in the business.

Sponsorship in Sport
ESS 711 Credits 3
The course provides a detailed examination of the relationship between sport and corporate sponsorship, and strategies for selling sponsorship packages. Topics covered will include the theoretical rationale for sponsorship, strategic communication through sponsorship, determining the value of a sponsorship, evaluation of sponsorship activities and techniques used to sell sponsorship packages. Perspectives from the event holder (i.e., property) offering a sponsorship and from the organization functioning as the sponsor will be considered.

The tuition plateau does not apply to students enrolling in graduate credit courses through the  Office of Continuing Education and Extension