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In conversation: Barrett Anthony Klein, Geethanjali Monto, CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. 100, NO. 1, 10 JAN. 2011

Three lectures by an entomoartist, Geethanjali Monto, CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. 100, NO. 1, 10 JAN. 2011

Dug Dug--Research Made Simple, blog post about Barrett Klein:

A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future by Daniel H. Pink (Mar 7, 2006)

Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World by Tony Wagner (Apr 17, 2012)

From STEM to STEAM: Using Brain-Compatible Strategies to Integrate the Arts. Sousa and Pilecki, 2013.

STEAM Point: A Guide to Integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics through the Common Core. Riley, 2012

Full STEAM Ahead: Arts, STEM and 21st Century Learning, Doug Haller, SmartBlog on Education, 2012

Half a Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste, Dr. Alan Brinkley, Newsweek, 2009 (reprinted in “The Daily Beast”)

STEAM-Not STEM, Harvey White, Whitepaper, 2010.


UW-La Crosse, Murphy Library
Alice Hagar Curriculum Resource Center STEM Website

Rhode Island School of Design Champions STEAM


Classroom Project Integrates Plant Science and Art
Tim Gerber (UW-L), Pat Stellflue and Marie Allen (Eagle Bluff Elementary School, Onalaska, WI), 2005, (summarized in ArtPlantae Today, November 2012)

Using Field Notebooks for Biodiversity Study, Tim Gerber (UW-L)

Conferences and Workshops:

STEAMworks Events:

10 Quintillion and Counting: the Art and Science of the Insect | April 5, 2014

Barrett Anthony Klein (UW-L)

Program Handouts:

Teaching at the Intersection of Art and Science | November 16, 2013

Tim Gerber, Lisa Lenarz and Marcia Thompson (UW-L)

Workshop Documentation and Outcomes

Program Handouts:

Teaching STEM Subjects through Art | May 4-5, 2013

Michael Henry (Paradise Elementary School, Las Vegas, Nevada) and Tim Gerber (UW-L)

Workshop Documentation and Outcomes

Program Handouts (PDFs):

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) 2013 Conference
Artful Science Symposium, Tim Gerber moderator

WI Art Education Association 2010 Conference – La Crosse, WI
Keynote Speaker: Margaret Wertheim & the Coral Reef Project (advance to minute 3:17) 


The Secret Lives of Honey Bees, Thermal Video, Barrett Klein

Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation.

TED Talks: The Coral Reef Project, Margaret Wertheim, February, 2009

TEDx Talk: Bridging Art and Science, Rebecca Kamen, September 22, 2012

The Institute for Figuring

The Society of Botanical Artists.

Theo Jansen's New Forms of Life:

"A Whole Lot of Science"
Local Teachers Participate in Science Workshops, News Channel 8, June 2012

STEAM: A Framework for Teaching Across Disciplines, Georgette Yackman, 2011

STEM Education through the Arts in Early Childhood

TED Talks: Natasha Tsakos' multimedia theatrical adventure

The STEAM Journal (Inaugural Issue), Claremont Graduate University, March 2013.