Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who should attend?

These workshops are intended for engineers, planners, scientists, resource managers, local and tribal officials, environmental professionals and others interested in the determination of wetland boundaries.

  • Am I a certified delineator in Wisconsin after taking the Basic and Advanced workshops?

No, there is no wetland delineation certification for Wisconsin.

  • Are you required to take all the workshops to be placed on the list of people who have participated?

No, if you take the Basic or Advanced workshop, those workshops will place you on the list. Participants are added to a list of delineators that is provided to federal, state, and local officials.

  • To be placed on the list, do certain requirements need to be met other than participating in these workshops?

No, if you take the Basic or Advanced workshop, your name will be placed on the list.

  • Do certain requirements need to be met to maintain that status once attained?

As it currently stands, your name will be listed for 5 years, however, if you take the Advanced class every 4-5 years as a refresher, your name will remain on the list.

  • Are there any requirements that need to be completed prior to the training classes?

There are no requirements for the Basic Wetland Delineation workshop. The Basic workshop is a prerequisite for the Advanced workshop.

  • Are you required to take Hydric Soils and Plant ID workshops prior to taking Basic and Advanced workshops?

Currently, you are not required to take the Plant ID or Hydric Soils workshops prior to the Basic or Advanced workshops. Plant ID workshops are offered yearly. Hydric Soils workshops have been offered periodically.

  • The Basic and Advanced workshops are labeled as I and II on their description pages, but are they successive courses you attend? Or are there two workshops listed because you can pick either date and just attend one Basic and one Advanced?

You can take the Basic and Advanced workshops back-to-back or you could take the Basic in one location and the Advanced elsewhere.

  • Are the Regional Supplements covered in the Basic Wetland Delineation Workshop?

Both the Midwest and Northcentral Regional Supplements are covered in the course.

  • In preparation for the Basic and Advanced Wetland Delineation Training, are there any good materials to read prior to the workshops?

The materials to read or brush up on for a basic understanding of what we cover in the training workshops revolves around information from the Army Corps of Engineers.
Supplements to the 1987 Corps manual for the region you work in at
1987 Corps of Engineers Wetlands Delineation Manual