Map of Regions for Wisconsin.Wetland Delineation Training Workshop Materials

General Information:

2013 Advanced Workshop Updates (32 page PDF)

Updated Soils Information (33 page PDF)

2012 Species List (34 page PDF)

1987 Corps Wetland Delineation Manual

Regional Supplements to the Corps Manual

Wetland Regulatory Programs:

Wetland Protection in Wisconsin (7 page PDF)

  • Wetland Permits
  • Restoration Permits
  • Wetland Compensatory Mitigation

Vegetation Links:

Flora of North America – Species keys in currently published volumes of the approximately 20,000 species found in North America north of Mexico including Greenland

Freckmann Herbarium (UW-Stevens Point) – Flora of WI is searchable; species descriptions, WI distribution maps and other information may be found for WI species

Wisconsin Flora References (5 page PDF)

Wetland Plants and Plant Communities (Eggers & Reed, 3rd ed., 2011)

Wetland Plants Species List – This list provides the wetland indicator status for species: 2014 National Wetlands Plant List 

USGS Midwestern Wetland Flora; a field office guide to plant species

Wisconsin State Herbarium (UW-Madison) – Flora of WI is searchable; species descriptions, WI distribution maps and other information may be found for WI species at the Wisflora link

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Soils Links:

Field Indicators for Hydric Soils in the United States

Introduction to Hydric Soil Terminology (PPT, 163 KB)

Using Soil Taxonomy to Identify Hydric Soils (PDF, 9 MB)

Redoximophic Features (PPT, 4.5 MB)

Field Indicators of Hydric Soil (PPT, 132 KB)

Overview of Hydric Soils (58 page PDF)

Web Soil Survey

USDA Off-site mapping conventions

Web Soil Survey

NRCS Wetland Documentation Form

Soil Indicator “Cheat Sheets”, version 7 (2 page PDF)

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Wetland Water Quality Standards:

Chapter NR 103 – Water Quality Standards for Wetlands

Water Quality Standards for Wetlands: A guide to NR 103

Chapter NR 299 – Water Quality Certification

Chapter NR 350 – Wetland Compensatory Mitigation

Chapter NR 351 – Exemptions from Water Quality Certification in Nonfederal Wetlands

Chapter NR 352 - Delineation of Nonfederal Wetlands

Chapter NR 353 – Wetland Conservation Activities

Clean Water Act, Section 404

1999 Wisconsin ACT 147

2001 Wisconsin ACT 6

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Hydrology Links:

USGS’ Wisconsin Water Science Center and National Water Information System

[water table maps, hydroperiod graphs, simple water budgets, flood freq map, nested wells, chemical sampling, flow modeling]

NRCS’s WETS tables

Ecosystem Restoration Science & Engineering

Wisconsin Drought Watch

Current Streamflow in Wisconsin

Mississippi River Stages/Flows

Wisconsin Groundwater Levels

Designing and Installing Monitoring Wells in Wetlands:

List of Wisconsin Geological/Hydrogeological Publications

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Problem and Atypical Wetlands:

Wisconsin Land Economic Inventory Maps “Bordner Survey”

Chapter NR 103 – Water Quality Standards for Wetlands

Chapter NR 350 – Wetland Compensatory Mitigation

DNR Surface Water Data Viewer mapping application for Wisconsin water resources including wetlands

DNR's wetlands page

Wetland Compensatory Mitigation

National Academy of Sciences’ “Wetlands: Characteristics and Boundries” [recommends regionalization of wetland delineation i.e., need for regional supplements]

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Field Delineation Methodology:

Interim Regional Supplement to the Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual:
Midwest Region
Field data sheet and report documentation – Appendix C of supplement



Wisconsin Wetland Inventory Maps

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Other Links of Interest:

US Army Corps of Engineers (COE) home page

US Environmental Protection Agency home page

US Geologic Survey home page

US Fish and Wildlife Service home page

NRCS home page

Society of Wetland Scientists (SWS)

Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC)

Wetland Delineation Professional Assurance Program: WI Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

[DNR has established a professional assurance program for those highly experienced professional wetland consultants that meet certain qualifications. Professional assurance means that the work of individuals meeting training and performance standards will receive spot checks rather than individual review. This should result in faster decisions and improved wetlands protection.]

Wetland Delineation (general information)

Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey (WNHGS) home page

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) home page

UW-La Crosse River Studies Center

UW-La Crosse Continuing Education and Extension

Printable Wetland Delineation Information Packet (5 page PDF)

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