Conference Services

Residence Life Information

Welcome to the University of Wisconsin Campus!
The following information is provided to answer your questions about residence hall accommodations. We look forward to your stay with us and hope that you have an enjoyable camp, conference or workshop experience.

Check-in/Check-out times are designated by each camp, conference, or workshop. Please refer to the information you received from the camp, conference or workshop coordinator for specific times.

Residence Hall Staff
Each hall has a professionally trained staff who live in the building with you. The Hall Director is responsible for the management of the entire hall. The Summer Conference Assistants are responsible for the living environment on their particular floor or wing within the hall. Staff is available to answer questions or assist you with concerns. Their names, room numbers and hours of availability are posted at the front desk.

The Hall
All of our residence halls are equipped with laundry facilities, ironing boards, TV lounges, study areas, kitchens, vending machines and public telephones.

The Room
Each residence hall room is a double room furnished with desks, chairs, dressers, beds, closets, mirrors, drapes, smoke detectors, and a refrigerator.

Room Responsibility
Our housekeeping staff maintain restrooms and other public areas. Your help in keeping these areas clean will be appreciated by all. Housekeeping service, however, is not provided for individual rooms. It is, therefore, your responsibility to maintain a clean room environment. Upon checkout, it is expected that your room is clean. The refrigerator should be cleaned of all food items and wiped clean. Trash should be taken from the building and placed in the dumpsters located outside.

Linens are provided for each camp, conference or workshop participant. You will need to provide your own personal hygiene items. For additional information, please consult the information provided by your specific camp, conference or workshop coordinator.

Most residence halls are NOT air-conditioned, but window fans are available. The 'new' Reuter Hall does have air-conditioning.

You will be provided with one room key. A lost key will result in a $55.00 charge for key and room door lock replacement.

Contact the UW-La Crosse Protective Services Office at 785.8061 for emergencies or parking information.