Dual Credit Courses for High School Students

If you are a high school administrator or teacher who wants to strengthen your school and challenge students, or a high school junior or senior who wants to get a jump start on college, consider the Dual Credit Program at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Continuing Education/Extension (CEE).

By partnering with the University, teachers and administrators strengthen the academic program at their high school. Students get firsthand experience with a faster pace of study and increased academic rigor and are able to make a smoother transition from high school to college.


Benefits for High School Students

  • Obtain college credit that is recognized by colleges/universities coast to coast
    (It is the student’s responsibility to verify that a specific dual credit course will transfer to the university or colleges to which the student is applying)
  • Course content may be more accessible and engaging than courses that focus on preparing students to pass a single, high stakes test
  • A semester college course offered over the academic year allows students more time to master content
  • Familiarity of their own teachers on their own turf helps ease transition to college and helps prepare students for college level work
  • Increases accessibility for low income/first generation students residing in districts that provide college tuition support
  • Increases vertical alignment of curriculum & expectations between high school and university
  • Opens dialogue between high school and university educators
  • Eliminates or decreases fuel expenses and extensive traveling for our young adults
  • Provides access to university library and state of the art lab equipment for those courses with an on-campus laboratory component

Benefits for High School Teachers

  • Participate in discipline-specific, university-based professional development
  • Build collegial relationships with University of Wisconsin-La Crosse faculty and with other motivated high school teachers
  • Become re-energized
  • Provide a high-quality dual enrollment option
  • Keep outstanding students on the high school campus
  • Secure high-quality, sustainable professional development for school and University faculty
  • Raise academic standards in the school
  • Share best practices in K-12 pedagogy with our University faculty

Benefits for High School Administrators

  • Provide a high-quality dual enrollment option
  • Keep outstanding students on the high school campus
  • Secure high-quality, sustainable professional development for school and university faculty
  • Raise academic standards in the school
  • Build networking resources with other districts and the UW-L campus


Master’s degree in the discipline to be taught, equivalent coursework as demonstrated by transcripts reviewed by UW-L academic faculty or MEPD.


Students who wish to take a dual credit course must meet UW-La Crosse admission requirements:

  1. High school seniors must rank in the upper 25 percent of their high school class or score in the upper 10 percent on the ACT/SAT I (26 or higher composite score or SAT I 1180). High school sophomores (Youth Options Program does not include sophomores) and juniors must rank in the upper 10 percent of their high school class.
  2. Completion of appropriate preparatory high school course work for college courses.
  3. Completion of all application documents required.


**High school students pay full tuition (Some districts support students by paying partial tuition)


  • Most dual credit courses are taught in the home district
  • Courses that have a lab/studio component that cannot be duplicated at the high school may require a campus component.
  • Other options may be online, hybrid


Each teaching team of high school teacher and UW-L faculty decides how to allocate day to day teaching responsibility.


The University of Wisconsin La Crosse partners with high schools to bridge the gap between high school and college.

The following high schools have enrolled students in the DC program:

  1. Cochrane-Fountain City
  2. La Crosse-Logan
  3. Mauston
  4. West Salem
  5. Westby
  6. Whitehall

UW-L grants High School students enrolled in this program the same academic rights and privileges granted to other UW-L students.   

**Dual Credit students do not pay segregated fees; however, so most on campus services provided by these fees are not available to them.  Exceptions to this limitation are the use of university library and of state of the art lab equipment. High school students enrolled in dual credit courses may be granted a library card to use the university library and may use the equipment in dual credit courses for which there is a lab component.  

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