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September 11-13, 2015 | Trempealeau, Wisconsin

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The Art of Spending a Day

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The 2nd annual workshop of the Midwest Consortium of Philosophy and Outdoor Education (McPoe) will be held September 11-13, 2015. It is an interdisciplinary event that brings together educational methods and content from the humanities (e.g., philosophy, literature) and outdoor/environmental education in order to facilitate novel learning experiences for instructors and students. The weekend meeting is organized around a series of field experiences in natural settings.  

2015 Consortium Format

In 2015, McPoe will take place while camping together at Perrot State Park in Trempealeau, Wisconsin.* 

*The community of Trempealeau just outside Perrot State Park and simple hotel and B&B housing for those anyone who does not want to camp. Contact Steve Simpson,, if you want information on non-camping options.

The theme of the consortium this year is “The Art of Spending a Day” as suggested by the writings of Henry David Thoreau. The entire weekend will be a quiet and reflective time in a natural setting to facilitate a deeper connection between nature and self. Facilitated experiences will fill each day of the workshop, but each participant will be encouraged to use the time in the way that best brings him or her closer nature.

The weekend begins

Friday, September 11th, meeting at Perrot Park at 3 p.m.  

and concludes

Sunday, September 13th at approximately noon.   

What is the Art of Spending a Day?

Following the writings of Henry David Thoreau, especially Walden, this year’s McPoe will center on spending a full day (from sun up to the moment each us crawls into our sleeping bag) of experiencing nature reflectively. No electronics, minimal use of motorized vehicles, simple food preparation, and quiet experiences in nature will be used to remind all participants how to personally connect with the natural world.


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