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January 9-10, 2015

Cartwright Center, UW- La Crosse

UW-La Crosse offers 1 GRAD credit

Conference Theme: Celebrating Our Children

Featured speaker:

  • Paul Epstein, Ph.D., an international speaker and author who has worked in Montessori education as an administrator, teacher, researcher, and consultant. Paul is currently Head of School of the Rochester Montessori School, Rochester, Minn.

Keynote Sessions:

  • Observation: The Key to Celebrating Children's Learning, Paul Epstein, Ph.D.
    Montessori wrote, “[The] first step to take in order to become a Montessori teacher is to shed omnipotence and to become a joyous observer.” When we do, what is there to do but celebrate? We are accustomed to learning during the work period. Now let’s joyfully observe other learning situations.
  • Why 'Good Job' Breeds 'Bad Job,' Paul Epstein, Ph.D.
    What can be more fulfilling than the joy and love we feel when a child comes to us and says, “Look what I did!” “Good job!” bursts from us. And yet….We may have become addicted to saying “Good job,” and our addiction is negatively influencing children. Instead of doing better, “Good job” leads to doing a bad job. We can develop an alternative practice – expressing gratitude.

Breakout Sessions:

- Introducing Montessori to Families, Tracey Hall

Children's House
- Learning & Laughing with Literacy & Language Extensions, Ann Epstein
- Inquiry-based Science Experiments for 3-6, Mark Seifert
- Creating a Sensorial Garden, Bonnie Sue White

Lower Elementary
- Art - The Forgotten Key, Maggie Watson
- Monitoring Progress through Formative & Summative Assessment, Laurie Schauf

Upper Elementary
- Engineering and Montessori, Laura Rasmussen
- The Story of the Universe: A Great Story to Unpack, Syneva Barrett  
- Engaging & Challenging Follow-Up Work, Karen Anway

Early Adolescence
- “Occupations” for Engaged & Meaningful Learning, Nine Dodge
- Implementing an Adolescent Erdkinder Program into a Montessori School, Jacob Teichroew

- Round Table on Administrative Challenges, Dom Ferrito
- The Role of the Governance Council, Melissa Murray

- Learning from Children: Using the Observation C.O.R.E Method, Paul Epstein
- Gross Motor Movement Activities from Toddler Through Elementary, Martha Carver
- Infusing “The Virtues” into your Program, Amy Oostdik
Using Montessori Language in the Home/Classroom to Avoid Power Struggles, Nancy Schaitel

Who should attend:

  • Montessori educators and administrators
  • Public school educators and administrators
  • Private school educators and administrators

Friday, Oct. 24, 2014, ABC 6 NEWS interview with Laura Rasmussen and six middle school students traveling to China.

An inspiring article from Larry Page, one of the founders of Google. He credits four things to his success, one of them being his Montessori education!