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Meet Our Graduates

In the two years I spent getting my master's in sport administration at UW-L I learned several valuable lessons about the sport industry...the program helped me gain confidence in my skill set and allowed me to be more selective in choosing a career.

Brendan Dwyer, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor/Director of Research & Distance Learning | Center for Sport Leadership
Virginia Commonwealth University

As a graduate of UW-L's undergraduate program my first choice for graduate school was to return to the same establishment that opened so many doors for me. During my time in the program I was given an opportunity to explore and experience many facets of what a sports administration graduate degree has to offer. These included studies in professional sports, college sports and recreation, and studies in the high school setting. I would personally recommend the UW-L Sport Administration program!

Ann Jopke
Head Coach High School Swimming and Northern Virginia Swimming League
Fairfax County Public Schools | Fairfax, Virginia VA


My coursework at UW-L not only prepared me for my current duties but also gave me a well-rounded view of how other departments, such as sales and marketing, operate.

Matt Lehmann
Event Services Manager | Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club

The curriculum was very specific to the needs one might have once they join the work force in an athletic program. Many of the classes were unique in their own way and I find myself, 8 years later, referencing each class specifically in my everyday work life. My experience with the instructors and curriculum at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse made me very prepared for everything I have come across in my profession.

Burke Bockman
Associate Head Track & Field Coach | University of Utah

After studying Sports Management as an undergraduate major at UW-La Crosse and having experienced the positive learning environment, moving on to the Sports Administration Master’s program was an easy decision. The instructors were very knowledgeable and provided real-life exercises making it fun to learn and comfortable when asking questions. The internship program related to the Sports Administration Master’s program opened up a lot of doors for me professionally and allowed me to form life-long relationships. I am fortunate to have a career in the sports industry working with sports teams and athletic departments world-wide and enjoy what I do each day thanks to the preparatory program at UW-La Crosse.

Jeanette Ehnerd
Vie President of Web Services and General Manager | Total Sports and Entertainment