A Conference for College Students throughout the UW System and High School students from around the region.


Across the state, region, and nation there is an acute need for highly qualified professional educators in the fields of Science, Math, Special Education, and English as a Second Language. Not only is there a shortage of skilled teachers in these fields, but there is a critical need to diversify the teaching population.

The Student Development Conference seeks to address these needs by providing an engaging and inspirational forum for students that will assist in their persistence towards becoming professional educators.

Who Should Attend:

  • Undergraduate college pre-service teacher candidates from underrepresented populations
  • Undergraduate college pre-service teacher candidates pursuing a degree in a high needs content area
  • High School-aged students interested in exploring teacher education careers

Why Should Students Attend:

  • Attend workshops that expand your knowledge about the teaching profession
  • Hear from inspirational speakers
  • Learn about current issues in education
  • Develop a critical lens toward the education profession
  • Network with other students interested in exploring a teaching career

Students participating in the conference will be able to attend workshop sessions that:

  • Provide participants an opportunity to learn more about the teaching profession and the classroom as a professional workplace
  • Provide participants an increased understanding of different strategies to serve a diverse group of students in the classroom
  • Provide participants with an increased understanding of current issues relevant to the teaching profession
  • Provide participants with an increased interest in pursuing a teaching career

Workshop Categories:

  • Category 1: Preparing High School Students for a Teaching Career
    Workshops specifically for high school students should focus on introduction of themes, awareness of current issues, and relevant strategies for student preparation.
  • Category 2: Understanding the Profession - What to Expect as a Future Teacher
    Workshop topics could include but are not limited to the following ideas: Being Prepared for a Teacher Education Program, New/Beginning Teacher: What to expect?, Current Issues Affecting the State of Education, Professionalism in Teaching, What does a Reflective Practitioner Look Like?, Emerging Technology:  Tools in the Classroom
  • Category 3: Diversity in the Classroom
    Workshop topics could include but are not limited to the following ideas: Strategies to Facilitate Learning in a Diverse Classroom, Incorporating Diversity into Everyday Learning, Appreciation for Diversity in  the Classroom, Education as a Social Justice Tool, Appreciating and Understanding Different Learners and Learning Styles, Education Today
  • Category 4: Pursuing Your Passion as a Professional Educator
    Workshop topics could include but are not limited to the following ideas: It's About the Passion in Teaching, To Teach is to Care, Empower Yourself to Teach, Why choose teaching?, The Importance of Teachers