Welcome from the Director

Penny Tiedt.Dear Friends:

Facing stark economic realities, we have all had to take it upon ourselves to do what we can to maintain and survive. Continuing lifelong learning has the potential for improving the quality of life for individuals by expanding their access to income and employment opportunities.

For more than three decades UW-La Crosse has offered continuing education programs for learners of all ages. Our array of lifelong learning opportunities include credit outreach courses, certificate programs, professional conferences and workshops, learning in retirement and youth programs. We are a means through which the university connects with the community to make it a richer and more enjoyable place.

If you have been a past participant in our programs, thank you for making them a success! If you’ve not attended but would like to learn more, please call 1.866.895.9233 and request to be placed on our mailing list.


Penny Tiedt