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  • Getting started

    Technical requirements

    To use Desire2Learn (D2L) at UW-La Crosse, you will need the following:

    • Computer running Windows XP Service Pack 3 or newer or Mac OS X.5 (Leopard) or higher
    • An Internet connection
    • A web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) that supports JavaScript
    • An email account
    • See if your browser supports Desire2Learn

    For additional recommendations and supported configurations, visit the University of Wisconsin Knowledgebase: Learn@UW Recommended Software and Browsers.

    Recommended settings

    1. Make sure that the browser is set to accept cookies (from both 1st party and 3rd party). See Web Browsers - Cookies FAQ for details (use the "managing cookies" links on the bottom of the page).
    2. Javascript must be enabled to use the Equation Editor and Online Rooms. See Web Browsers - Enabling Javascript (From the University of Wisconsin Knowledge Database)
    3. Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is required for the Equation Editor. JRE v.1.6.x and newer are supported. See Windows - Installing Sun Java (From the University of Wisconsin Knowledge Database).

    When using D2L, you will be working extensively from the Course Home page. Through this page, you can access course content, discussions, quizzes, grades, and several other tools.

    • Based on the resources used in a class, instructors may require additional software or hardware. Students should check directly with their instructor for course-specific requirements.
    • Mac Users: D2L supports Intel-based Macs. If you are using Safari, you should disable its pop-up blocker when using D2L. To disable the pop-up blocker, click Safari in the menu bar and uncheck Block Pop-Up Windows. Failing to disable the pop-up blocker may prevent you from completing some tasks in D2L, such as compose discussion board messages. If you continue to have problems try using the Firefox web browser which can be downloaded for free at

    Connecting to D2L

    1. Open Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer
    2. Login options
    3. From the UW-La Crosse homepage, select D2L from the Quicklinks list, or go to: /d2l/.
    4. If you are UWL student or employee using a NetID, select the NetID login method. Else select Guest.
    5. In the UserID text box, type your NetID (What is my NetID?)
    6. In the Password text box, type your NetID password.

      Default (NetID) username and password information can be found here.
    1. Click Login.
      The My Home page appears with a list of the Desire2Learn courses you are enrolled in.

    About My Home

    The My Home page is your personal gateway to your D2L courses. All courses activated will appear in the My Courses widget (Note that for students, instructors must activate the course for it to be visible). Other widgets on your My Home page:

    • Your name: Edit your profile, notifications, and account settings
    • News: Look for current campus-wide D2L information here.

    Accessing a course's home page

    1. On the My Home page, from the My La Crosse Courses widget, click the appropriate link for your class. Each course link leads to that course's homepage.
    2. On the course home page, several items may be present. The items contained within separate windows are referred to as widgets, such as News and File Viewers. The instructor can choose which tools are available and has the option of renaming tools on the navigation bar. The Course Tools are located on the navigation bar. Descriptions of each are discussed below.


    On the Course Home page, several items may be present. The items contained within separate windows are referred to as widgets, such as News and Library Resources.

    • News: Important course announcements, such as due dates, are displayed in this widget. This widget also contains the Search feature.
    • Calendar: Use the calendar to view events and deadlines across your different courses.
    • Updates: Shows course updates, such as new discussion forum postings.
    • Library Resources: This will have information on Murphy Library Resources.
    • File Viewers: Here you can find places to download viewers for popular file formats you will be viewing for coursework.

    For more information, please select your role below:

    Mobile learning

    D2L is also accessible from mobile devices with limited capabilities. Click here to learn more about D2L Mobile Learning.