The following are a list of common accommodations provided through Disability Resource Services.  Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.

Extended Test Taking   
    Extended test taking allows students to receive more than their usual class time to take quizzes and exams. Most students generally receive time and a half although in some cases, students may receive double time.

Testing in a Distraction Reduced Environment
    Students can either take their exams at our office in our designated testing rooms or in a distraction reduced environment that the instructor provides on the student's behalf.

Classroom Note Takers
    If a DRS advisor deems a classroom note taker an appropriate accommodation for a student, then classroom note taking procedures and policies will be initiated.

    For students who are hard of sight or blind, Braille is an option.

    For students who are hard of hearing or deaf, interpreters are an option.

Alternative Media
    Alternative media can range from use of Kurzweil 3000 (a computer program that can read exams, quizzes, textbooks, etc.) to audio books and the use of a Smartpen.