SAPA: Students Advocating Potential Ability

    What is SAPA?

SAPA is a University of Wisconsin-La Crosse recognized student organization. We are a group of students, with and without disabilities, who are committed to raising awareness of disability issues. Through fun, hands-on activities, members have an opportunity to learn and teach others both on campus and in the community about disability topics and issues.

    Who can join SAPA?

Anyone who has an interest in learning more about disability issues or who wants to help raise awareness of the rights of people with disabilities can join SAPA. Please go to for more information regarding SAPA.

    What are some events that SAPA sponsors?

Every year, SAPA strives to bring a guest speaker on campus who fits the mission of the organization. SAPA oftentimes also collaborates with other organizations on campus for events, such as Kevin Michael Connolly in Fall 2010. SAPA also sponsors events throughout the year, such as the Most Accessible Gingerbread House.

One of SAPA's most recognized events is the Most Accessible Awards. Students are able to nominate a faculty member, a staff member, and a department from UW-La Crosse that exemplifies what it means to be accessible and accommodating to students with disabilities.

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