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  • Accommodations

    Alternative Testing

    Extended test taking allows students to receive more than the usual class time to take quizzes and exams. Most students generally receive time and a half, although in some cases, students may receive double time. Students can either take their exams at our office in our designated testing rooms or in a distraction reduced environment that the instructor provides on the student's behalf.

    Alternative Media

    ScannerRequired classroom textbooks or handouts can be provided to students in an alternative electronic format. A high-speed scanner is used to get pages into a digital format and can then be burned to CDs for use.

    Assistive Technology

    Multiple assistive technology devices are available to aid with student learning. SmartPens can record the audio of a lecture as well as the student's pen strokes in a special notebook so lecture notes can be listened to/viewed on the computer. Kurzweil 3000 is a text-to-speech program that reads text out loud to students. Dragon Naturally Speaking is a speech-to-text dictation software that allows a student's words to be typed out onto the computer. There is audio note-taking software, screen magnifiers, audio recorders, and screen readers available as well.     


    American Sign Language Interpreters

    For students who are hard of hearing or deaf, interpreters are an option. These are contracted positions through UW-L where a team of interpreters come into the classrooms throughout the semester.

    Note Taking

    If a DRS adviser deems a classroom note taker an appropriate accommodation for a student, then classroom note taking procedures and policies will be initiated. The student can remain anonymous to the designated classroom note taker if desired.