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Disability Resource Services
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    Faculty and staff on campus play an important role in implementing the appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities and ensuring that our office fulfills our duties correctly and efficiently. Their sensitivity to students with disabilities and their issues is an important aspect to students receiving their appropriate accommodations.


    Disability Access Statement (for syllabus)

    This access statement must be included in all syllabi:

    Students with Disabilities: Any student with a documented disability (e.g., physical, sensory, psychological, learning disability, AD/HD, or are a current or prior military service member (with wounded warrior status) who needs to arrange reasonable academic accommodations must contact Disability Resource Services (165 Murphy Library, 608.785.6900) at the beginning of the semester. In addition to registering with Disability Resource Services, it is the student’s responsibility to discuss their needs with the instructor in a timely manner. 

    DRS testing center procedures 

    Exam Instructions for Faculty


    DRS offers a space for taking exams, which is a closed-door testing room. We proctor the tests utilizing video cameras and frequent periodic checks visually. We collect the student's book bag, cell phones and provide a restroom break prior to the exam. 


    DRS will assume no materials are allowed unless the professor provides the details on the Exam Checklist Form that they will attach to the test. (Books, Notes, Calculator, Formulas/Tables, Dictionary, Data Sheet, and Other, or None). DRS will adhere to the cheating penalties in the Eagle Eye (Student Academic Disciplinary Procedure, Section 1403). If cheating occurs while using our services, the test will be confiscated, actions documented and reported to the instructor. 

     DRS Testing Center Procedures 


    1. All students with disabilities who use testing accommodations will present a laminated Accommodations Request Form to their instructor. 
    2. The STUDENT has the responsibility of scheduling the exam. This is not the instructor's responsibility. 
    3. Our office requires a student to schedule ONE WEEK in advance of a testing date. We might not be able to accommodate a student if a test is rescheduled or scheduled at the last minute. If at all possible, the exams (not including final exams) should be completed between 8:00 - 4:00, Monday through Friday. Students should schedule exams for the same time the test is being given in the classroom. The student will make special arrangements with the instructor if exams cannot be scheduled during our testing hours. 
    4. Students will be required to hand deliver a salmon colored Exam Checklist to the instructor EACH TIME they will be testing in the DRS office. Instructors will be required to complete this checklist and attach it to the outside of the sealed envelope containing the exam. A checklist must accompany EACH exam when delivered to our office. 
    5. The instructor should have the test e-mailed or hand-delivered to DRS at 165 Murphy Library the day before the exam. EXAMS SHOULD NOT BE SENT IN THE CAMPUS MAIL SYSTEM OR WITH THE STUDENT TAKING THE TEST. 
    6. If the test is provided on a disc or sent via secure e-mail (, the DRS office needs it 24 hours in advance. You will receive a confirmation that the test was received. 
    7. If the test needs to be enlarged, recorded on tape, or taken on a computer with a screen reader, it must be delivered to 165 Murphy Library 48 hours in advance of the scheduled time. 
    8. Following the test, a member of our staff will seal and file the exam until it is picked up by the instructor or someone delegated to pick up the exam. 
    9. If the student has not taken the test, DRS will notify the instructor and the instructor can pick it up.