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    The Special Education Program prepares teacher education candidates to earn a Cross-Categorical Special Education certification (#801). Teacher candidates choose an emphasis area within the field of Cognitive Disabilities (CD), Emotional Behavior Disorders (EBD) or Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD). Certification courses generally follow a fall-only or spring-only course delivery model at the undergraduate level. Candidates may choose between two developmental ranges: Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence (MC-EA)(ages 6-13 years) or Early Adolescence-Adolescence (EA-A)(ages 11-21 years). All candidates must apply for admission to the Special Education Program separately from other teacher education programs.

    The Special Education Program is comprised of the following program tracks:


    1. undergraduate degree-seeking certification minor
    2. undergraduate non-degree-seeking (add-on) certification sequence NOTE: Federal financial aid is not available for students pursuing an add-on teaching certification. Private educational loan opportunities are also limited for non-degree seeking students.
      Admissions to the Special Education Graduate Program are currently on hold.
    3. graduate initial certification w/ Master's degree
    4. graduate add-on certification w/ Master's degree
    5. graduate add-on certification w/o Master's degree