The primary purpose of Eta Sigma Gamma, from its beginning in 1967, has been to further the professional competence and dedication of individual members of the health education profession.

Further purposes are to:

  • Elevate the standards, ideals, and ethics of health science professionals.
  • Help to identify the Health Education discipline for colleagues in the field of education, related health fields, and for the general public.
  • Help establish autonomy for the health education discipline as a distinct, separate, integral part of school and college curricula in matters concerning the health of the public, and encourage and attract capable people to careers in the discipline.

The purposes of Eta Sigma Gamma are achieved by:

  • Facilitating communication, discussion, and exchanges of ideas between individuals and groups on the content and process of health science and health education.

  • Motivating and recognizing service and academic achievement.

  • Developing and implementing new strategies, materials, and programs to further health education.

  • Conducting and stimulating others to conduct research.

  • Upholding and developing high professional standards and ethics for members of the profession.