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TFD 2009-2010 Schedule

TFD 2008-2009 Schedule

TFD 2007-2008 Schedule

TFD 2006-2007 Schedule

TFD 2005-2006 Schedule

TFD 2004-2005 Schedule                                         Newer Faculty Seminar 2004-2005  Schedule (no longer meets)

TFD  Fall 2003                                                       Spring 2004

TFD Fall 2002 Schedule                                           Spring 2003 Schedule (Notes from our meetings follow)
Student Empowerment and Social Justice                   Pedagogy of Possibility   
Authority and Diversity in the Classroom                     Student Retention 
Friere, Pedagogies of the Oppressed                          Beyond A Dream        
Friere, Pedagogies of the Oppressed, cont'd.               Oh, we were ambitious! 
Friere, Pedagogies of the Oppressed, cont'd.               But we stopped taking notes of our meetings after the first year.
Heidi J. Nast on Course Evaluations