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TFD meets in 111 Wimberly on alternate Tuesdays, from 4:00 - 5:30 PM.  Feel free to  choose individual sessions if you cannot attend every one.

We continue our investigation of Equity Scorecard's findings on grade differences this year, with the possibility of writing a grant on collaborative learning or piloting some kind of project on collaborative learning.  See all the EqS findings here:

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Sept. 9

Since he was just here, how about a little Craig Nelson?  Nelson, Craig E. "Student diversity requires different approaches to college teaching, even in math and science." The American Behavioral Scientist  40:2 (November 1, 1996): 165-175.

And here's one about diversity in the online environment:  Hughes, Gwyneth, "Diversity, Identity and Belonging in e-Learning Communities:  Some Theories and Paradoxes," Teaching in Higher Education 12:5 (2007): 709-720.   On D2L.

Sept. 23

Susan K. Green, C. Douglas Johnson, "I Ain't Thinkin' 'Bout No . . .", College Teaching, 51: 4 (Fall, 2003) 148-152.  You might have to copy and paste the link, or find the article in Ebscohost Academic Search Premier through Murphy if the link doesn't work.

Oct. 7

James A. Crone, "Attaining More and Greater Depth of Discussion in the Undergraduate Classroom: The Seminar and Seminar Paper," Teaching Sociology, Vol. 29, No. 2 (Apr., 2001), pp. 229-236.

Oct. 21

Telitha Bean-Thomspon and Co. will talk to us about what they learned from their retention study.

Nov. 4

Elise J. Dallimore, Julie H. Hertenstein, and Marjorie B. Platt, "Using Discussion Pedagogy to Enhance Oral and Written Communication Skills," College Teaching; 56:  3 (Summer, 2008), 163-172.

Elise J. Dallimore, Julie H. Hertenstein, and Marjorie B. Platt, "Classroom participation and discussion effectiveness: student-generated strategies." Communication Education, 53: 1 (Jan., 2004), 103-115. 

Nov. 18

Project design work session.  Please bring your copy of Collaborative Learning Techniques.

Dec. 2

Nelson, Craig E. "Critical thinking and collaborative learning." New Directions for Teaching & Learning (Fall 1994): 45-59.  On D2L.

Spring 2008

Feb. 3 

Welcome back! 

This article has a variety of practical uses in classes.  What questions would work for your class?  Ingram, Ella L., and Craig E. Nelson. "Using Discussions of Multiple Choice Questions to Help Students Identify Misconceptions and Reconstruct Their Understanding." American Biology Teacher 68: 5 (May 01, 2006): 275-279.  

Feb. 17  

We haven't talked much yet about Native American students.  We should.  Lundberg, Carol A.. "Student involvement and institutional commitment to diversity as predictors of Native American student learning." Journal of College Student Development 48.4 (2007):405-417,  Project Muse database.

Mar. 3

One of us has requested another discussion about student resistance -- especially color-blind racism.  It's a perennial problem!  This article includes a useful review of the literature on student resistance in diversity courses.  Jane Mildred, Ximena Zúñiga, "WORKING WITH RESISTANCE TO DIVERSITY ISSUES IN THE CLASSROOM: LESSONS FROM TEACHER TRAINING AND MULTICULTURAL EDUCATION."  Smith College Studies in Social Work, 74:  2 (Mar., 2004):  359-375.  Deb will email.

Mar. 17 

Spring Break!  No meeting!

Mar. 31 


Apr. 14

Julia R. Johnson, et als., "'Why Are You Shoving This Stuff Down Our Throats?': Preparing Intercultural Educators to Challenge Performances of White Racism," Journal of International and Intercultural Communication, 1:2 (May 2008):  113-135.  On D2L

Apr. 28

What difference does the academic setting make?  How can instructors work with it?  Sabine Severiens and Rick Wolff. "A comparison of ethnic minority and majority students: social and academic integration, and quality of learning." Studies in Higher Education 33: 3 (June 2008: 253-266.  On D2L. 
Plus:  End of semester celebration!  And discussion of a new syllabus for TFD.  Come with some issues in mind for next year.

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