32nd Faculty Senate

Vol. 32, No. 14

March 19, 1998

I. Roll Call.

Present: Barmore, Duquette, Egle, Grant, Haupert, Kraemer, S. Krajewski, Lazinger, L. Nelson, J. Parker, N. Pati, Prucha, Reithel, D. Riley, Roskos, Shanks, Snowberg, Socha, P. Taylor, Willey, Wingate.

Excused: Claflin, Host, MacDonald.

II. Approval of Minutes.

The minutes of the February 26, 1998, meeting were approved as distributed.

III. Chair�s Report.

A. At its recent meeting, the Board of Regents approved the UW-LaCrosse German Studies Major.

B. A UW-System Distance Education Committee will consider issues of funding as well as charging of fees.

C. Chancellor Kuipers reported that, the ground breaking ceremony for the new allied health building was well attended, and that President Lyall will support a DIN for operational support of the building; the Joint Legislative Committee will meet on campus next Thursday afternoon; she is impressed with the superb work of the various search and screen committees which is resulting in exceptional hires.

D. Provost/Vice Chancellor Lambert congratulated Senator Shanks, the Deans, and the local committee for the spectacular work on the recent NCATE visit. The exit interview was very positive pointing out great progress since the 1992 review. The P/VC thanked everyone involved in making the visit so successful. Dr. Lambert also reported that the search for the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Computing, Networking, and Information Technology is now underway.

IV. Update on Assessment - Bill Cerbin.

Dr. Bill Cerbin, joined the senate and reviewed the progress made towards implementation of the UW-LaCrosse Assessment Plan. He praised the campus community for the serious and considered effort to turn plans into real assessment. Faculty have worked hard to streamline the narrow focus of student achievement. A detailed report, which covers the substantial progress on assessment of general education, will be forwarded to the North Central Association by May 1. The senate watched the same video presented at the February Board of Regents meeting where it was well received. Cerbin thanked Jim Jorstad, Wayne Abler, and others who helped convey the fundamental ideas about assessment through the video.

V. Proposed Change in By-laws of the Academic Policies and Standards Committee (CAPS) - 2nd Reading.

M/S/P to approve the insertion of the word "advising" into the duties and responsibilities of the Academic Policies and Standards Committee:

    1. Formulating and reviewing local policies and standards concerning admissions, advising, retention, advanced standing, probation, dismissal, readmission, the grading system, and graduation honors for undergraduate students.

VI. Proposed Change in By-laws of the Joint Promotion Committee - 2nd Reading.

M/S/P to approve the proposed changes to the Rank, Promotion and Tenure Guidelines and the Joint Promotion Committee By-laws.

VII. Proposed By-laws for New Undergraduate Research Committee - 1st Reading.

Laura Nelson, member of the Articles and By-laws Committee, presented the proposed by-laws for the new Undergraduate Research Committee:

    Y. The Undergraduate Research Committee

    Duties and responsibilities of the committee shall include:

      1. Establishing written evaluation procedures and criteria for funding undergraduate research proposals.

      2. Establishing written procedures for applying for undergraduate research funds.

      3. Publicizing the availability of undergraduate research funds and the procedures for applying for those funds.

      4. Receiving and evaluating research proposals from undergraduate students.

      5. Apportioning institutional funds for undergraduate research.

      6. Advising the coordinator of gifts and grants in the solicitation of grant monies to support undergraduate research.

      7. Planning and conducting an annual Undergraduate Research Day, as well as other means of disseminating undergraduate research results.

      Membership of the committee shall consist of eight faculty members and two student members. Terms of service for the faculty members shall be three years. There shall be two faculty members from each of the following academic units: the College of Business Administration, the College of Liberal Studies, the College of Science and Allied Health, and the Alliance of Education, Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Social Work. Student members shall be selected from students who have received research funding from the committee in previous years. Students who submit research proposals during a given year shall not be members of the committee during that year. The coordinator of gifts and grants shall serve as an administrative consultant to the committee for grants advisory purposes. The committee shall elect its chairperson.

    M/S/P to amend the third sentence of the membership paragraph to read: There shall be no more than three faculty members from each of the following academic units: the College of Business Administration� and Social Work.

The constitutes the First Reading.

VIII. Instructional Academic Staff Study - Draft Report for Review and Comment.

The senate discussed the draft report and suggested that their comments be forwarded to Provost/Vice Chancellor Lambert. The only substantive suggestion is under III.F. Sex and Ethnicity: the 2nd paragraph lacks a citation regarding reports, and wording such as "may" needs to be reconsidered.

IX. Old Business.

X. New Business.

Senator Shanks thanked everyone for their help and support during the NCATE review.

XI. Adjournment.

The meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.