33rd Faculty Senate

Vol. 33, No. 14

March 25, 1999

I.  Roll Call.   Present: Bange, Betton, Duquette, Egle, Grant, Haupert, Host, Kraemer, S. Krajewski, LeDocq, L. Nelson, Nyatepe-Coo, Prucha, Stroud, P. Taylor, VanVoorhis, Vogt, Willey, Wingate.

Excused: Majak, Roskos, Snowberg.

II.  Approval of Minutes.  Minutes of the March 4, 1999, and March 11, 1999, meetings of the Faculty Senate were approved as distributed.

III.  Chair's Report.  Chancellor Kuipers and Interim Provost/Vice Chancellor Hastad indicated that they had no reports for this meeting.  Chair Bange briefly noted that the Senate will meet on April 1 with an extensive agenda, items of which may be carried over to future meetings if necessary.  The first item of business on the next agenda will be Plan 2008.  No new draft of the plan will be distributed; senators should refer to the March 1, 1999, draft.   Chair Bange also announced that he had received an email from Dr. Charles Lee of the History Department, asking for a Faculty Senator to be a member of organizational committee planning UW-L's Centennial Celebration, which will occur in 2009.   Interested senators should contact Dr. Lee.

IV.  Nominations for the Ad Hoc Committee on Recruitment and Hiring of Faculty.  The Senate Executive Committee submitted the following roster of self-nominees to this committee:   Jac Bulk (Sociology/Archaelogy), Michael Haupert (Economics), Linda Host (Mathematics), Sandy Price (Exercise and Sports Science), Sarah Shillinger (Ethnic and Racial Studies), Patricia Wilder (Physical Therapy).   Additional self-nominations were received from John Betton (Management), William Clow (Theatre), Pat Di Rocco (Exercise and Sports Science), Charles Lee (History), Mary Morzinski (English), Pam Rogers (Political Science and Public Administration), Richard Snyder (History).  There was a very brief discussion of balance of college representation and balance of gender representation on the committee.

M/S/P (unanimous by voice vote) to approve the Senate Executive Committee's nominees to the Ad Hoc Committee on Recruitment and Hiring of Faculty.

V.  Report of the Information Technology Services Task Force.  Dr. David Riley, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technology, and Dr. John Tillman, Director of Institutional Research and Chair of the Task Force,  presented the report to the Faculty Senate.  Dr. Riley noted that one condition of his serving in his interim position for the year was that the work of this committee, prioritizing information technology services, be a major focus of the year.   They explained that the committee had begun with a list of 150 services; these were then defined and prioritized by members of the committee individually.  The individual prioritizations were aggregated to yield clear groupings of least important services, most important services, and services of mid-range importance.  The committee then began with the least important services and worked backwards to review rankings.  This process yielded four categories: I.  Highest priority services; II.   Services which should be provided if funding permits; III. Services which should be provided and charged to the user; and IV.  Lowest priority services to be provided only if additional resources become available.    The report also provides eight general goals for ITS Services and suggests the creation of an advisory board to meet regularly to review and update priorities.  After the informational presentation on the report, the floor was opened for questions and answers.    Discussion focused on charge backs and how changes from the status quo in charge backs would be handled.  Chancellor Kuipers and Jim Jorstadt, Director of Media Services, contributed to the discussion.   The placement of on-campus repairs in the lowest priority category was questioned.  Dr. Riley stated that in his opinion, computers should be under warranty and repaired by manufacturers with substitute computers available for the time needed for repair.

M/S to endorse the report with the understanding that charge backs will be maintained as status quo, with any changes processed through the Provost/Vice Chancellor's Committee on Charge Backs.

Remarks prepared by Senator Snowberg on videotape were played as the first part of discussion of this motion.  Further discussion followed the videotape.

M/S/P (9-6-3 by show of hands) to recommend that the report be amended by moving the following items from Category IV.  Lowest priority services to be provided only if additional resources become available to Category II.  Services which should be provided if funding permits:

  • Provide an on campus hardware repair facility.
  • Maintain and distribute lists of hardware repair vendors.
  • Operate a distribution service for hot spare desktop computers to replace office equipment under repair.
  • Provide warranty support for Apple and Compaq computers.
M/S/P (17-0-1 by show of hands) to endorse the report as amended with the understanding that charge backs will be maintained as status quo, with any changes processed through the Provost/Vice Chancellor's Committee on Charge Backs.

VI. Proposal from David Riley on providing UW-L students with universal access to computing infrastructure.   Dr. Riley reviewed the draft of the proposal distributed to the Faculty Senate, giving background and his own perspective; he also  handed out a fact sheet with relevant information.  Essentially, the proposal would require all new UW-L students to lease a lap top computer from the university at some point in the future.   The soonest the proposal could be instituted would be two years from Fall 1999.  The Senate had also received a response to the proposal from the Joint Information Technology Services Committee, which supports the proposal but has raised significant concerns.   The floor was then opened for discussion, questions, and answers.

M/S/P (15-0-1 by show of hands) to endorse further exploration of the universal access option resulting in a refined proposal to be brought back to the Faculty Senate for further consideration.

VII.  Old Business.  Senator Host noted that the First Year Student Seminars are still in the schedule for Fall 1999.   She stressed that our action in prohibiting these was a proper action and that we do expect them to be removed.  Chair Bange reported that he has stressed the importance of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC) review of this course to Dr. Bill Cerbin of the Provost/Vice Chancellor's staff, and he observed that failure to comply with the Faculty Senate's request would precipitate "a major crisis" on campus.  Senator Chris Prucha, part of the staff delivering the course, informed the Faculty Senate that the First Year Student Seminar Committee is working on revising the course and preparing materials that will be sent to UCC, but that the materials may not be submitted during this academic year.

VIII.  New Business.  There was no new business.

XI.  Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at approximately 5:30 p.m.

Submitted by
Dr. Laura L. Nelson, Secretary