33rd Faculty Senate

Vol. 33, No. 2

September 17, 1998

I.  Roll Call.

Present: Bange, Betton, Duquette, Egle, Grant, Haupert, Host, Kraemer, S. Krajewski, R. LeDocq, Majak, L. Nelson, Nyatepe-Coo, Prucha, Reithel,  Roskos, Snowberg, Stroud, P. Taylor, VanVoorhis, Willey, Wingate.

II.  Approval of Minutes.

The minutes of the April 30 and May 7 meetings of the Thirty-second Senate as well as the minutes of the May 7 meeting of the Thirty-third Senate were approved as distributed.

III. Election of a Vice Chair.

Due to Senator David Riley's appointment as the Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology, he is no longer eligible to serve as a Faculty Senator or as an officer of the Faculty Senate, and the Faculty Senate needs to elect a new Vice Chair.  Nominees for Vice Chair, previously solicited, were Senators Betton, Duquette, Egle, Haupert, Kraemer, Roskos, and Taylor.  All nominees withdrew from the election except for Senator Duquette.

M/S/P that the Faculty Senate elect Senator Dan Duquette as Vice Chair by unanimous acclamation.

IV.  Chair's Report.

A.  Chancellor's Report.   Chancellor Kuipers reminded the Faculty Senate that the biennial budget planning process will require input and support from all sectors of the university.  She noted that all joint committees have had their memberships established and received their charges.   Plan 2008, which replaces Design for Diversity, and the Information Technology Priorities Plan, are of major importance for university wide committee work.  Chancellor Kuipers will be spending significant time in the immediate future working with the new Director of Alumni.  She will also be devoting significant attention to completing the Allied Health fund raising project, which is half way to its goal.   Finally, she noted that UW-L has an opportunity to "fast track" the proposed new International Center, a building project that will enable the establishment of a live-in international learning program and community  on campus.  She also explained that this project has no impact on the timetables of other building projects being planned.

B. Provost/Vice Chancellor's Report.  Dr. Lambert announced that he will be sending a letter of orientation and welcome to all faculty and staff next week, including 31 new tenure track faculty and 46 new academic staff members.  He stressed that academic program development is a key initiative in this academic year due to the Senate's approval of various new programs last spring, as these programs need to be put before the Board of Regents as soon as possible.   He noted that there will be two new programs for faculty governance to consider this year: a  B. S. in Athletic Training, and an E. D. S. in School Psychology.   Another concern for the year will be an unusually large number of searches and screens to fill various administrative positions: the    Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology, two Associate Deans for CLS, the Dean of Students, the Director of Multicultural Student Services,  and the Director of Murphy Library.    A report from the Ad Hoc Committee on the Honors Program will be forthcoming this year.  We have received a grant from UW System to support our hosting of the first UW System conference on undergraduate research; this event will be in addition to the annual Undergraduate Research Day, which was instituted last year.  Dr. Lambert stressed the importance of the Task Force on Information Technology Services, which will determine priorities for that unit, and urged faculty to provide input to that committee.  Finally, he noted that enrollment for Semester I of this academic year is very healthy and thanked the faculty for accommodating additional students in classes.

C.  Faculty Representative's Report.  Chair Bange, who was also elected as the Faculty Representative to UW System, discussed Plan 2008, which is a 10 year extension of the 1988 Design for Diversity.  He noted that the campus plan is due to the Faculty Senate by March 15, 1999, and due to UW System by April 15, 1999.  He informed the Senate that two central controversies involve deciding whether or not the plan will include naturalized citizens who are members of minority groups as opposed to American born minorities, and deciding an official definition of individuals who will qualify as American Indians.  There are no explicit guidelines from UW System on either of these questions.   He also noted that there has been discussion about broadening the scope of UW-L's Plan 2008 beyond the scope of the UW System guidelines for creation of the plan, which is controversial because it may make the task of creating our plan more difficult.   He reminded the Senate that the Joint Committee on Minority Affairs has been charged with creating UW-L's Plan 2008.  Chair Bange also discussed the Optional Retirement System which has been proposed in a Wisconsin State Assembly bill, and he briefly
reviewed various faculty points of view on this proposal.

V. Discussion of Robert's Rules of Order.

Chair Bange clarified various points of parliamentary procedure to facilitate future Faculty Senate meetings.

VI. Approval of Committee Appointments.

Senate Executive Committee (SEC) recommendations for Faculty Senate appointees to the following committees were put before the Senate: Search and Screen Committees for the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technology, for the CLS Associate Dean/Director of the School of Arts and Communication, for the second CLS Associate Dean, and for the Director of Murphy Library; the Information Technology Services Task Force; the Ethics Advisory Committee; the Educational Benefits Committee; and the Parking Appeals Board; the Joint Promotion Committee; the Academic Priorities Committee; the Consultative Layoff Committee; Faculty Ombudspersons; the Committee on Faculty Committees; and the Faculty Senate Elections Committee.  Because the recommendations come from the SEC, they are treated as a motion which has been seconded.  Chair Bange asked for discussion of the recommendations which follow:

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technology
Scott Cooper (Biology/Microbiology)
Tom Gendreau (Computer Science)
Cecilia Manrique (Political Science/Public Administration)

CLS Associate Dean/Director School of Arts and Communication
Frand Bradley (Theatre Arts)
Cambid Choy (Art)
Terry Kelly (Music)
Chad Oness (English)
Mary Tollefson (Music)

CLS Associate Dean
William Haviland (Physical Therapy)
Betsy Morgan (Psychology)
Mary Morzinski (English)
Pam Rodgers (Political Science/Public Administration)
Ron Stoffregen (Theatre Arts)

Director of Murphy Library
Gerry Cox (Sociology/Archaeology)
Carla Graham (English)
Randy Hoelzen (Library)
Tom Pribek (English)
Stefan Smith (Library)

Information Technology Services Task Force
Robin Alexander (Accountancy)
Joel Lazinger (Sociology/Archaeology)
Adrienne Loh (Chemistry)
Cecilia Manrique (Political Science/Public Administration)
Carol McCoy (Clinical Sciences)
Richard Mikat (Exercise & Sport Science)

Ethics Advisory Committee (6 will be selected by the Chancellor)
David Bange (Mathematics)
Katie Barton (Physical Therapy)
Bob Bendiksen (Sociology/Archaeology)
Ron Glass (Philosophy)
Hope Hagar (Social Work)
Kim Harbst (Physical Therapy)
Eric Kraemer (Philosophy)
Peg Maher (Biology/Microbiology)
Karen Palmer-McLean (Physical Therapy)
Gwen Straker (Physical Therapy)

Educational Benefits Committee
Kim Harbst (Physical Therapy)
Charlene Holler (Counseling/Testing)

Parking Appeals Board
Bruce Osterby-member (Chemistry)
Michael Abler-alternate (Biology/Microbiology)

Joint Promotion Committee
(3-year terms)
Mary Davidson (English)
Michael Haupert (Economics)
George Huppert (Geography/Earth Science)
Pam Rodgers (Political Science/Public Administration)
(1-year replacements)
Tony Barkauskas (Mathematics)
Sandra Krajewski (Women's Studies)

The continuing members/terms are:  (2-yr continuing terms)
Gary MacDonald (Art)
Akorlie Nyatepe-Coo (Economics)
Judith Green (English)
Gubbi Sudhakaran (Physics)

(1-yr continuing term)
John Castek (Computer Science)
Dan Duquette (Health Education/Health Promotion)

Academic Priorities Committee
(3-year terms)
Eric Kraemer (Philosophy)
Tom Krueger (Finance)
Pat Wilder (Physical Therapy)

The continuing members/terms are:  (2-yr continuing terms)
Isolina Battistozzi (Foreign Languages)
Leslie Oganowski (Health Education/Health Promotion)
Niranjan Pati (Management)

(1-yr continuing term)
Tom Gendreau (Computer Science)
Lee Goodhart (Educational Policy/Practice)
Charles Marx (Library)

Consultative Layoff Committee
(3-year terms)
Barry Clark (Economics)
Dennis Fater (Physical Therapy)
Ed Wood (Psychology)

The continuing members/terms are:  (2-yr continuing terms)
Andy Matchett (Mathematics)
Joy Pahl (Management)
Sara Sullivan (Psychology)

(1-yr continuing term)
Judy Pace (Exercise/Sport Science)
Greg Wegner (Educational Policy/Practice)

Faculty Ombudspersons
David Bange (Mathematics)
Susannah Lloyd (Sociology/Archaeology)
Sue Willey (Management)

Committee on Faculty Committees
Dan Duquette
Roger Grant
Michael Haupert
Linda Host
Dean Stroud

Elections Committee
Becky LeDocq
Rich Snowberg
Bart VanVoorhis

M/S  to divide the question by considering the nominations for the Search and Screen Committee for the Associate Dean of CLS.

No vote was taken on this motion as it was granted by the chair.  Chair Bange directed that the Senate would consider the nominations for all other committees and then consider the nominations to this one committee.

M/S/F (2-17-2 by show of hands) to amend the main motion by replacing Tom Gendreau with Karin Bast on the Search and Screen Committee for the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technology.

M/S/P (unanimous by show of hands) to approve Senate Executive Committee (SEC) recommendations for Faculty Senate appointees to all committees except the Search and Screen Committee for the Associate Dean of CLS.

M/S/P (15-4-2 by show of hands) to approve Senate Executive Committee (SEC) recommendations for Faculty Senate appointees to the Search and Screen Committee for the Associate Dean of CLS.

VII. Discussion on Faculty Committee Membership Restrictions.

Chair Bange explained that it is often quite difficult to fill seats on committees for which the bylaws require specific representation from the various academic units.  Examples cited were the Academic Priorities Committee, the Graduate Curriculum Committee, and the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, all of which have all seats designated for representatives from specific academic units.  He then opened the floor for discussion of this problem.

M/S/P (18-1-2 by show of hands) to remand this problem to the Articles and Bylaws Committee with comments from Faculty Senators and request that the Articles and Bylaws Committee forward recommendations to the Senate later in the year.

VIII. Old Business.

Senator Sue Willey asked about a motion to create a Joint Committee on Academic Advising and Student Retention, which was tabled "until fall semester" at the May 30, 1998, meeting of the 32nd Senate.   There was brief discussion of the parliamentary procedure involved.  No one moved to take this motion off the table at this time.

IX. New Business.

Chair Bange discussed his intention to invite the Chair of the Travel and International Education Committee, Dr. Leticia Pena, to the next Senate meeting to discuss that committee's activities, including the proposed International Center.  Senator Linda Host directed the Senate's attention to SEC minutes to highlight upcoming issues.  Chair Bange offered to make charge letters to Faculty Senate committees available to anyone who wishes to review them, but he also pointed out that the charges were reported in the SEC minutes.  Senator Host also urged that the Senate consider the process by which UW-L approves submajor programs, and Chair Bange pointed out that this was a charge given to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.

X. Adjournment.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 5:00 pm.

Submitted by

Laura Nelson, Secretary