33rd Faculty Senate

Vol. 33, No. 3

October 1, 1998

I.  Roll Call.

Present: Bange, Betton, Egle, Grant, Haupert, Host, Kraemer, LeDocq, Majak, L. Nelson, Nyatepe-Coo, Prucha, Reithel,  Roskos, Stroud, P. Taylor, VanVoorhis, Willey, Wingate.

Excused: Duquette, S. Krajewski, and Snowberg.

II. Approval of Minutes.

The minutes of the September 17, 1998, meeting of the Thirty-third Senate were approved as distributed.

III.  Reports.

A.  Chancellor's Report:  The Chancellor was unable to be present to give a report.

B.  Provost/Vice Chancellor's Report:  The Provost/Vice Chancellor was unable to be present to give a report.

C.  Chair's Report:  Chair Bange reported that there was a Faculty Representatives meeting scheduled in Madison today that he had chosen not to attend due to its conflict with this meeting.

D.  Senator Host, who is UW-L's representative to the UW System Compensation Advisement Committee, informed the Senate about the prospects for faculty raises in the next biennial budget.  Senator Host stated that the prospects are not very optimistic due to economic instability.  According to Senator Host, studies show that UW System's comprehensive institutions are 6.5% behind peer institutions in levels of compensation, with the difference being most marked at the associate and full professor ranks.  With regard to raises given for promotion within the UW System, UW-L is last for raises given at promotion to full professor and in a three way tie for last for raises given at promotion to associate professor.  This creates more problems of salary compression for those at higher ranks. UW System President Katherine Lyall has said that if money in the UW System budget is set aside to fund promotions, then a quota system for a set number of promotions at any one campus would probably be instituted.  Discussion followed.  Senators expressed concerns about retention of newly hired faculty and the use of salary savings monies for purposes other than salaries.  Senator Wingate informed the Senate that TAUWP is lobbying for 8% and 6.5% faculty raises over the two years of the biennium.

E. Chair Bange briefly informed the Senate about Dr. Tess Arenas' visit to campus on October 13, and urged faculty to attend meetings with her to discuss Plan 2008 and related concerns.   He noted that the Joint Committee on Minority Affairs is making progress toward completing UW-L's Plan 2008.

F. He announced that there would be a TAUWP sponsored meeting with candidates for State Assembly seats on October 14,  and urged faculty to attend.

G. Retirements in the Cartwright Center Bookstore have motivated the administration to consider privatizing that business.  Senator John Betton nominated himself to serve on the ad hoc committee being formed to study this proposal and was elected unanimously on a "bookstore with books not t-shirts" platform.

H. Finally, Chair Bange reminded the Senate that the first draft of UW-L's biennial budget proposal is due for our examination early in November, which will be our primary opportunity to provide input to the budget process.  He cancelled the October 29, Faculty Senate meeting and added a meeting on November 12, to accommodate discussion of the budget.

Later in the meeting during Item VI below, Chair Bange recognized Dr. Bob Krajewski, who informed the Senate about the Fall 1998 Freedom Ride Bus Trip, Nov. 4-9, to visit sites important to the civil rights movement in Memphis, Birmingham, and Nashville.  He asked for a Faculty Senator to participate in this event.

IV. Approval of Committee Appointments.

The Faculty Senate Executive Committee made the following recommendations to the Faculty Senate for appointments to the following committees.

M/S/P (unanimous voice vote) to approve these nominees.

Search and Screen Committee for the Dean of Students:

Deborah Buffton, History; Sandy Sechrest, Library; Michael Tollefson, Communication Studies.

Search and Screen Committee for the Director of Multicultural Student Services:

Cheri Niedzwiecki, Communication Studies; Justin Odulana, Health Education and Health Promotion; Richard Snyder, History.

Replacements for Joint Promotion Committee:

Annette White-Parks, English, to replace Mary Davidson, English, for a 3 year term
Eric Kraemer, Philosophy, to replace Gary MacDonald, Art, for a 2 year term.

Replacement for Search and Screen for CLS Associate Dean:

Jonathan Majak, Ethnic and Racial Studies, for Mary Morzinski, English.

V.  Discussion of the West Central Wisconsin Consortium (WCWC) and our WCWC

Senator Eric Kraemer, who has been UW-L's faculty Representative to WCWC for the last 4 years, provided the Senate with a brief overview of WCWC's history, organization, and functions.  He urged that we continue to participate and advised that any new WCWC representative be a Faculty Senator.  Senator Wingate proposed that new WCWC representatives be elected with other Faculty Senate Officers at the organizational meetings of new Senates.  He also volunteered to serve as WCWC representative for the rest of this year.   Chair Bange endorsed his proposal and thanked him for volunteering to serve.

V. Forum on the Activities of the Travel and International Education Committee.

Reports were given by Mr. Jay Lokken, Director of the Office of International Education, and by Dr. Leticia Pena, chair of the committee.  Dr. Barbara Rusterholz, Director of the International Education Program, was also available to answer questions.

Mr. Lokken gave an overview of international programs and activities at UW-L.  He noted that increased support from state government may result in more funds for programs and activities of these kinds.  There has been a very significant 200% increase in students participating in study abroad programs.  Numbers of international students attending UW-L have also increased due to more recruitment.  He discussed a schedule of International Education Events for this semester and gave a comprehensive review of currently available and future programs.

Dr. Leticia Pena reviewed the committee's activities for the Senate, noting that the committee has expanded to cope with growth in programs. At present the committee is reviewing the issue of fee waivers which enable participation in programs by meritorious students who need support; the committee also reviews students' applications for these fee waivers. The committee reviews and evaluates foreign study proposals by faculty. It is investigating how to handle the expansion of international programs at UW-L, including the proposal for the new International Center, which originated in this committee and has since been supported by Governor Thompson.  Special funds have been allocated for this project; it does not affect funding or current scheduling of other building projects. She identified four areas of concern that the committee handles and detailed specific issues with each one: UW-L students going abroad; foreign students enrolled here; faculty and staff going abroad; foreign faculty and staff coming here.

Chair Bange thanked Mr. Lokken, Dr. Pena, and Dr. Rusterholz for their presentation.

VI. Old Business.

There was no old business.

VII. New Business.

There was no new business.

VIII. Adjournment.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 5:20 p.m.

Submitted by
Laura Nelson, Secretary