33rd Faculty Senate

Vol. 33, No. 9

December 10, 1998

I.  Roll Call.

Present: Bange, Betton, Duquette, Egle, Grant, Host, Kraemer, LeDocq, Majak, L. Nelson, Nyatepe-Coo, Prucha, Reithel,  Roskos, Snowberg, Stroud, P. Taylor, VanVoorhis, Willey, Wingate.

Excused: Haupert, Krajewski.

II.  Approval of Minutes.

Minutes of the December 3, 1998, meeting of the Faculty Senate were approved as distributed.

III.  Reports.

A.  Chancellor's Report.   As Chancellor Kuipers was attending a Board of Regents meeting, there was no Chancellor's Report.

B.  Interim Provost/Vice Chancellor's Report.   Interim Provost/Vice Chancellor Hastad announced that, in the wake of the Ready case, search and screen procedures used at UW-L are under examination.  A letter will be sent out next week with information about the recommended changes in the process used in the latter stages of searches and screens.

C.  Chair's Report.  Chair Bange directed Senator's attention to the most recent Senate Executive Committee Minutes, which contained all of the information he wished to share with the Senate.

IV.  Approval of Graduation List.

M/S/P (unanimous by voice vote) to approve the December graduation list, subject to each student's fulfillment of the requirements pertinent to his/her degree.

Chair Bange requested that item V. Entitlement to Plan a Specialist Degree in School Psychology be moved to the end of the agenda to accommodate Dr. Milton Dehn, Director of the Graduate Program in School Psychology, who was scheduled to arrive at 4:00 PM.  There were no objections.  Dr. John Magerus, Dean of the College of Liberal Studies, explained the provenance of the request for entitlement to plan.   In response to changes in the credentials required in this profession, six institutions in the UW System worked together to create the request, which as a result is described more generically than requests submitted independently by UW-L.  Although the six institutions worked together on the request, each of the programs will be independent.

VI.  Final Discussion of the 1998-1999 Planning and Budgeting Initiatives.

The Senate focused its attention on those initiatives related to Information Technology.  Chair Bange noted that the ad hoc committee working on establishing Information Technology priorities does not yet have a report finished.   He introduced Dr. David Riley, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology, who has worked closely with the ad hoc committee and can share information from the committee relevant to the budget initiatives.  Dr. Riley distributed handouts and responded to questions.  He explained to the Senate that there are alternative sources of funds for many of the Information Technology budget initiatives, such as DIN funds, so that "very little, if any [funding] . . . Will come out of base budget reallocation."   After discussion the following motions were considered.

M/S/P (19-0-1 by show of hands) that items 06-00-02 Computer Triage and 06-00-05 Help Desk Expansion should be the highest priority initiatives in the Information Technology section of the 1998-1999 Planning and Budgeting Initiatives.

M/S/P (19-0-1 by show of hands) that item 00-06-03 ITS Staff Renewal and Retention should be a high priority initiative in the Information Technology section of the 1998-1999 Planning and Budgeting Initiatives.

V.  Request for Entitlement to plan a Specialist Degree in School Psychology.

Dr. Milton Dehn explained to the Senate that essentially the request would retitle a program that already exists, with the addition of a culminating thesis.   He explained that graduates of the School Psychology program need this retitled degree to be competitive for entry-level positions.  He stressed that UW-L's program will be independent of the programs at the other five institutions who cooperated in creating the request for the Board of Regents.  After he responded to questions from Senators, the following motion was considered.

M/S/P (19-0-1 by show of hands) to approve the Request for Entitlement to Plan the Education Specialist Degree in School Psychology.

At this time, Chair Bange asked Senator Dan Duquette, Vice Chair of the Senate and member of the Joint Budget Committee, to give a brief update on the progress of that committee in reviewing the current draft of the 1998-1999 Planning and Budgeting Initiatives.  Senator Duquette responded that the committee continues to be involved with information gathering and hearing presentations; it has set no priorities at this time but will consider prioritization later in the process.

Chair Bange congratulated the Senate on "a job well done" in its consideration of the current draft of the 1998-1999 Planning and Budgeting Initiatives.

VII. Old Business.   There was no old business.

VIII.  New Business.

Senator Bob Wingate raised the issue of possible inconsistencies across campus in the administration of January and May Interim Terms.  He observed that concerns have been expressed by faculty about credits granted, courses offered, and compensation of instructors.  In further discussion, a variety of other concerns were raised.

M/S/P (voice vote) to refer questions concerning credits granted, courses offered, compensation of instructors, quality of instruction, assessment of learning outcomes, and academic policies in January and May Interim Terms to the Committee on Academic Policies and Standards (CAPS).

Chair Bange stated that he would request a report from the CAPS Committee by April 1, 1999.

IX. Adjournment.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 4:55 PM.

Submitted by Laura L. Nelson, Secretary