34th Faculty Senate

Vol. 34, No. 3

September 30, 1999

I. Roll Call.

Present: Bange, Barmore, Betton, Duquette, Grant, Heim, Hench, S. Kelly, Kraemer, R. LeDocq, Majak, Monte, L. Nelson, Nyatepe-Coo, Prucha, D. Riley, R. Sullivan, P. Taylor, VanVoorhis, Vogt, Voiku, Wingate

II. Approval of Minutes.

The minutes of the September 9, 1999, meeting were approved as distributed.

III. Reports.

A. Chancellor’s Report. The Chancellor reported that the Governor has given a deadline for completing the budget process. If the deadline is not met, he will call a special session of the legislature. In a session with the legislators in Madison, the Chancellor found that the legislators that she talked with believe that the faculty should get the proposed 5.2% salary adjustment in full. It is important for UW-L that the funding for the International Learning and Living Center and the operational funds for the Health Science Center remain in the budget.  Secondly, Ron Lostetter, currently the CFO at UW-Superior, will be UW-La Crosse's new CFO.  He will begin on November 15th.  Finally, the Chancellor announced that for the EM21 enrollment plan she has drawn a line in the sand. The goal for UW-L is to reduce enrollment unless the funding per student is increased. UW-L is currently second from the bottom in the amount of funding per student in the System. There should be a final response from System within a month. The Chancellor hopes that the Senate will be able to support whatever plan results.

B. Provost/Vice Chancellor's Report.  The Provost announced that the fall enrollment came within 5 FTE of our goal.  As of this fall, we have 8600 FTE with a head count of about 9300 students.

C. Chair/Faculty Representative's Report. There was no Faculty Representatives report. The Faculty Representatives will meet in Madison on October 1st.

D. Due to a time conflict, Tony Barkauskas has resigned from the Joint Promotion Committee.  M/S/P (by voice vote) to approve the appointment of Tom Breiter to the Joint Promotion Committee for a one-year term.

IV. Approval of Appointments to the Search and Screen Committee for the Dean of HPERTE.   The Senate Executive Committee (SEC) recommends the following appointments to the Search and Screen Committee for the Dean of the College of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Teacher Education:

Mandi Anderson (Exercise & Sport Science)
Dan Duquette (Health Education/Promotion)
Mike Haupert (Economics)
Jearold Holland (Recreation Management/Therapeutic Recreation)
Kent Koppelman (Foundations of Educational Policy/Practice)
M/S/P (by voice vote) to approve the nominations.

V. Audit-and-review Reports.

A. Accountancy.  Ken Winter, Chair of the Accountancy Department, was available to field questions concerning the report.  A concern was raised on the rather focused/narrow mission of the Accountancy Department and how this fits with the broader mission of the College of Business Administration. There was also a comment that the recommended change in the goal statement (Recommendation B.1) would make the goal inferior to what is already in place.

M/S/P (by voice vote) to approve the audit and review report for the Department of Accountancy.

B. General Honors Program.  Diane Cannon, interim Director of the Honors Program, was available for questions. There was a question as to whether the 1.25 FTE instructional staff for the program included release time for the director.  There was a concern that the program is being run with very minimal support.  Also, a comment was made that it was difficult to find the "meat" of the program.  There was emphasis on skills, but no real substance.  Chair Bange informed the Senate that a charge for the Honors Program Committee this year is to recreate the Honors Program at UW-La Crosse. Diane Cannon told the Senate that she agrees with the recommendations in the report and that she welcomes faculty input and comments as she works to improve the General Honors Program.

M/S/P (by voice vote) to approve the audit and review report for the General Honors Program.

C. Masters of Business Administration.  Associate Dean Bill Colclough, of the College of Business Administration, was available for questions.  It was mentioned that unlike the other reports, this report did not contain the table of data on numbers of students, FTE faculty, etc. It was noted that the information was summarized in section I of the report.  It was also asked whether the faculty is satisfied with the quantitative analysis component of the program.  Dr. Colclough mentioned that at the last external accreditation there was concern over this portion of the program.  However, the curriculum committee doesn't want to change the quantitative analysis component of the program.

M/S/P (by voice vote) to approve the audit and review report for the Master of Business Administration.

VI.Discussion with Provost/Vice Chancellor.  Provost/Vice Chancellor Hastad began with some prepared remarks. He stated that he sees it as one of the main goals of the Office of the Provost/Vice Chancellor to help shape a community of scholars. He is impressed with the youth of the new faculty as well as the diversity of their backgrounds, the array of institutions that they represent and the number of post docs and teaching awards that they have received.  UW-L couldn't attract such people if the veteran faculty didn't make this a good place to be.  The Provost then discussed various issues that he sees as important for the upcoming year. These issues are in no particular order.

  • Faculty Research - continue to support faculty research and find ways to capture more research dollars.
  • General Education – consider the addition of a director for the program.
  • General Honors Program – make improvements in the program. Honors programs are a recruiting tool. They help to attract better and brighter students. The rigor should match the ability of the students.
  • Salary Compression - the Provost's office will be considering the proposal approved by the Senate last spring. The PTS Committee will also be revisiting this proposal and considering alternate funding sources.
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Chairs – forums will continue to be held for Department Chairs. Three are planned for this year. The September 10th forum focused on budget issues. The next forum will consider personnel issues, and the topic for the final forum this year is yet to be determined.
  • Search and Screens for Administrative Positions – we have several administrative searches coming up this year: Dean of HPERTE, Associate Dean of HPERTE and Director of Teacher Education, Dean of Student Development and Academic Services, and Associate Dean of CLS.
  • Technology – the focus will be on distance education and web-enhanced and web-based courses. We will need to look at not only courses coming out of UW-L, but also the issue that some faculty may pursue a terminal degree from institutions in which almost all courses are given over the web.
  • Plan 2008 – this plan was adopted last spring with some modest support.
  • New Academic Programs – at a recent Board of Regents meeting, UW-La Crosse received approval for a B.S. in both Information Systems and International Business. We will be working on approval for a M.S. in Software Engineering, a B.S. and M.S. in Athletic training and the Educational Specialist Degree.
  • Graduate Studies – the Provost's office wants to work on ways to strengthen these programs.
  • Teaching Excellence - we need to develop a process to recognize excellence in teaching.
  • Recruitment – we need to work on ways to recruit talented high school seniors.
  • Refocus attention on Teacher Education
  • Graying of the faculty – over the next 2-4 years, we will lose 50+ faculty on an annual basis. A lot of institutional memory will be lost.
  • First Year Student Seminars – this program is moving ahead, and should be moving through the appropriate curricular channels as recommended by the Senate.
Dr. Hastad mentioned two final items.  At the next Faculty Representative's meeting, the question of who owns intellectual property will be discussed.   Also, while he hesitated to mention the topic of linking tenure with promotion, he feels that the campus needs to revisit the issue.

The floor was then opened up to the senators for questions and comments. There was a lively discussion of the issues brought up in the P/VC's remarks as well as other issues not previously mentioned.  The issues brought up during the discussion included the recognition of teaching on our campus. It was noted that we do evaluate teaching during the promotion process. But there is no formal process by which we recognize selected individuals for excellence in teaching outside of this realm. It was commented that one reason that we don't evaluate teaching in this way is the overuse of SEIs.

In response to the mentioned need for a Director of the General Education Program, several senators were concerned that what we really need to help General Education is to get more teachers in the classroom. It was felt that one more administrator won't necessarily solve the problems with General Education. The P/VC did mention that the enrollment plan mentioned by the Chancellor to decrease the numbers of students could help the situation.

Another issue that was brought up was the tying of student credit hours (SCH) to fulltime equivalent faculty (FTE) positions. A concern was expressed that this makes a commitment to interdisciplinary courses nearly impossible.  A question was asked as to how other campuses manage to avoid this problem.  P/VC Hastad commented that in part this is due to the different levels of funding for the institutions.  We are on a tuition revenue model and hence SCHs are tied to resources perhaps more that on other campuses.

The P/VC was asked his opinion on the relative weights of teaching, research and service at UW-L.  He indicated that his general feeling was that teaching was first and foremost and that professional service was the weakest of the three in how it is evaluated by faculty. It was mentioned that many faculty members made a deliberate choice to come to UW-L because of the strong emphasis on teaching. They also want to do research, but they don't want to lose the focus on teaching. The Provost mentioned that the new faculty expect opportunities to teach and do scholarship and we need to support them if we hope to keep them at UW-L.

There was also a question concerning the role of the Graduate Council. This is a centralized committee that certifies graduate faculty.  The question was whether the department wouldn't have a better sense of who its graduate faculty should be.  Dr. Hastad promised to find out the history behind the introduction of this committee. He thought that it might have had something to do with the last North Central Accreditation visit, but will find out the details.

The Chair and senators thanked the Provost/Vice Chancellor for his remarks and for agreeing to join the Senate for this discussion.

VII. Discussion with Chief Information Officer Kathy Lang.  This discussion was postponed until the October 14, 1999 meeting of the Senate.

VIII. Old Business.   There was no old business.

IX. New Business.   There was no new business.

X. Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at approximately 5:10 p.m.

Rebecca Lewin LeDocq, Secretary