35th Faculty Senate

Vol. 35, No. 6

November 30, 2000

I.  Roll Call.

Present:  Bange, Barmore, Barnd, Brooks, Claflin, Cravins, Gendreau, Heim, Hench, Hollenback, S. Kelly, S. Krajewski, R. LeDocq, Marx, Monte, Odulana, Senger, Stroud, R. Sullivan, Tyser, VanVoorhis, Zellmer.

Excused:  Majak.

II.  Approval of Minutes.

M/S/P to approve the minutes of the November 16, 2000, faculty senate meeting.

III.  Reports.

There was no chancellor's or provost/vice-chancellor's report.

Chair Bange reported that the Faculty Representative's meeting in December has been cancelled.  He also informed the senate that today's meeting may be the final meeting of the year.  If so, he will entertain a motion to approve the list of fall graduates at the end of the meeting.

President Lyall's reply to Chair Bange's memo concerning the Compensation Advisory Committee's discussion of the 2001-03 pay plan was distributed.  In spite of the senate's recommendation that the BOR seek faculty salary increases of not less than 6% and 8% for the first and second years of the next biennium, she responded that the possible range will be 3.8% to 4.7%.

IV.  The Academic Program Review Committee's Recommendation on a Calendar for the Audit & Review of Academic Programs.

Dr. Jess Hollenback, chair of the Academic Program Review Committee reviewed the committee's recommendation to establish a calendar for a seven-year review cycle for each department, program or interdisciplinary emphases and minors.  A perfectly balanced review cycle for the 77 programs identified would be 11 per year.  The committee was constrained because of previously established external review cycles and the decision to allow departments to use the self-study prepared for those external accreditation agencies during the following academic year.

In order to achieve as much balance as possible the committee delayed the review cycle of some of the departments and programs that were scheduled to be reviewed during the "heavy" review years, and lumped together a few previously un-reviewed interdisciplinary emphases/minors.  As a result, while these actions did not produce a perfectly balanced calendar of 11 per year, it nonetheless offers a solution to those heavy years when 17+ programs were scheduled for review.

Chair Bange commended the work of the Academic Program Review Committee these past two academic years, and called their efforts heroic as applied to the audit and review process.

M/S/P the faculty senate approved the calendar of when programs are scheduled to be reviewed by the Academic Program Review Committee.  (voice vote)

V.  Continued Discussion on the Recommendations from the Joint Budget Committee.

01-03-08 Faculty Compression
The senate continued its discussion from the previous meeting regarding salary compression issues.  As a result of last year's action to allocate $125,000 to address compression at the level of professor, UW-La Crosse has significantly changed its position over other UW-System campuses.  And, given the current numbers, it looks like we could eliminate compression problems institutionally during the next two years.

M/S/P  that budget initiative 01-03-08 be given highest priority and that the amount of money dedicated to that be $131,000.  (show of hands – no opposition)

01-01-01 Computer Replacement
The senate discussed the issue of computer replacement.  Dean Magerus explained that UW-L is the only university in the System that does not have a university-wide computer replacement policy.  There are different policies at each university; some use grants, matching monies, or basic replacement policies.  He reported that the 3-year replacement cycle is the industry standard and the amount of money per computer replacement can be anywhere from $1600 to $5K or $6K depending on the needs of individuals.

The senate continued its discussion of whether or not it is necessary to replace every computer every three years.  There may be cases where computer replacement needs to be more frequent than a 3-yr cycle.

M/S  to remove the 3-yr replacement cycle part of the budget request and to ask the University Budget and Planning Committee to come up with a computer replacement policy.

Chair Bange stated that the motion would be split so that the senate considers each issue separately.

The motion to remove the 3-year cycle part of the budget request was approved.  (show of hands:  yes-19, no-0, abstain-3)

The motion to ask the University Budget and Planning Committee to come up with a computer replacement policy was approved.  (show of hands: 19-yes, no-0, abstain-3)

01-03-09  Chairs Compensation
M/S/P that budget and planning initiative 01-02-09 in the amount of $57,600 be given 2nd priority.  (show of hands: 19-yes, 0-no, 3-abstain)

01-03-04  Undergraduate Research
The senate discussed the Undergraduate Research initiative and the desire to foster student and faculty collaborative work.  This is a crucial year for undergraduate research; it would be a disservice if we let it falter.

M/S 01-03-04 be moved from priority group 3 into priority group 2.

M/S/P to amend that undergraduate research be funded on a one-year basis.  (show of hands: 18-yes, 2-no, 2-abstain)

M/S/F to amend further by moving the undergraduate research initiative from priority group 3 into priority group 1.  (show of hands: 9-yes, 11-no, abstain-2)

The main motion, as amended, passed. (show of hands: 20-yes,  0-no, 2-abstain)

M/S/P to close discussion and agree with the present rankings.  (voice vote)

VI.  Old Business.

VII. New Business.

M/S/P to approve the list of graduates for Fall Semester 2000, contingent upon the successful completion of requirements for their respective degrees.  (voice vote)

VIII. Adjournment.

The meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

Submitted by,
Thomas O. Claflin, Secretary