36th Faculty Senate

Vol. 36, No. 8

March 14, 2002

I.  Roll Call.

Present:  Barmore, Bigel, Brooks, Cravins, M. Gibson, Heim, Hench, R. Hoar, Hollenback, S. Krajewski, Monte, Senger, R. Sullivan, P. Taylor, Tyser, Vandenberg-Daves, Weaver, C. Wilson, Wingate, Zellmer.
Senator Barnd absent but we’re certain will provide treats for the next meeting.
Excused:  S. Kelly.

II.  Approval of Minutes.
The minutes of the February 7, 2002, meeting were approved as distributed.

III.  Reports.

Faculty Representative’s Report.  Senator Cravins attended the recent faculty representative’s meeting when issues concerning faculty governance were discussed.  Overall, if UW-L can maintain our current level of involvement we are doing well.  Student recruitment, retention, and a survey of student opinions, as well as the issue of collective bargaining were additional topics of discussion.

Chair’s Report.   Chair Heim reported that there is concern within System over how governance is working with respect to increased workloads, service requirements, etc.  There will be a conference on faculty governance next fall.  The Chancellor has approved the change in the policy for retroactive credits proposed by the Department of Modern Languages.

State Budget News.  Chancellor Hastad’s email today addresses the current budget crisis. Copies of the 3/14/02 UW-L News Release addressing the State budget cuts were distributed.  The Governor’s Budget Repair Bill proposed a $51 million cut to the UW-System budget.  This would eliminate in excess of $1.2 million from UW-L’s base budget.  UW-L is struggling to make these cuts while preserving enrollment access but without sacrificing the quality of instruction.  Recently, the Joint Finance Committee proposed additional cuts to the UW System budget of over $21 million.  These actions forced the Board of Regents to suspend admissions.  Republican Caucus action would deepen these cuts even further by nearly $60 million.  These cuts would affect UW-L by an estimated $3 million above and beyond the Governor’s Budget Repair Bill.

The Joint Finance Committee and Assembly proposed budget reductions are in excess of $108 million.  Chair Heim speculated that once the budget goes to the Conference Committee (comprised of four senators and four representatives with equal representation) for final consideration, it is likely that the budget reduction will fall somewhere between the Governor’s Repair Bill of $51 million and the combined $118 million number that is currently being proposed.  Heim further stated that the possibility of early retirements is still a reality.  He urged Senators to contact their State representatives/senators regarding this severe budgetary crisis.

Report from the SEC regarding Elections for Faculty Senate.  There is good news and bad news regarding the current faculty senate election process.  The good news is that nine nominating petitions were received for the nine vacancies on next year’s faculty senate.  The bad news is that only nine nominating petitions were received for the nine vacancies on next year’s faculty senate.  Rather than go through the formal balloting procedure, the Senate Executive Committee recommends that the following slate be adopted:

M/S/P to adopt the slate as presented. (voice vote)

Albert J. Nelson – 1 year term representing CLS; Tom Kernozek – 3 year term representing SAH; Paul Beck, Rob Dixon, Tom Gendreau, Jonathan Majak, Leslee Poulton, Robert Ragan, and Sarah Shillinger – 3 year terms representing the At-large constituency.

Chair Heim informed the senate of upcoming topics to be addressed at future meetings:  PTS Committee reports on compression and linking promotion and tenure.  Academic Planning Committee – ENV Sts proposal will be sent to the PVC – committee made no recommendation.  Also from the APC is the proposal for an MS in PA, also Minor in Geog.  Medical Laboratory Science program is going to be placed on temporary hold pending a review for possible reorganization, revitalization, or elimination.  The SEC is asking the Academic Planning Committee to take a formal stance on this proposal and to confirm in writing that any program elimination would have to be approved in advance by the appropriate faculty committee.  The Medical Laboratory Science program will be on the Faculty Senate agenda in two weeks.  CAPS will come in with proposals on admissions standards as well as re-entry standards.  A proposal on Graduate Studies Reorganization will be on the agenda in two weeks, and the University Planning & Budget Committee is working on budget recommendations.  We expect a report on strategic planning in early April.

A report and recommendations from a CGAAF grievance will be forwarded to the Chancellor in a day or two; the Hearing Committee has two appeals for consideration; Articles & Bylaws are not recommending committee size changes; and the UCC is not recommending a change in J and May-term policies at this time.

Senator Brooks was given a hearty welcome back, and congratulations were extended to Senator Kelly on the recent birth of her Son.  Yummy cookies Senator Weaver – thanks!!

Lastly, Chair Heim encouraged senators to participate in the Faculty Scholarship Request.  Each Spring some deserving student receives a scholarship from this pool of money.

Assistant Chancellor for Planning & Budget, Ron Lostetter reviewed compression and promotion calculations per the attached report, showing the steps taken to address the problem of pay compression for UW-L faculty.  It was further confirmed that the 2002-2003 pay plan includes increases of $5,000 and $3,000 for promotion to the ranks of Full and Associate Professor, respectively.

M/S/P the Faculty Senate thanks the Chancellor for supporting efforts to eliminate pay compression. (voice vote)

IV.  Proposal for an MS in Occupational Therapy.
Peggy Martin, Program Director in Occupation Therapy, joined the senate.  She explained that the request for an entitlement to plan is a result of changes in the accreditation standards in the discipline.  She is not anticipating any additional position, space or supply needs.  Current faculty meet the minimum standards for graduate offerings, however there may be a need for faculty development efforts in the area of research methods.  The MS in OT would be looking at a broad array of majors coming into the program and an increase in articulation agreements.  Martin does not expect any objection to the proposal within the UW System.  Presently Milwaukee and Madison have programs.  The graduate program would admit 24 students into the 30 month long professional program.

M/S/P to approve the proposal for an entitlement to plan an MS in Occupational Therapy.  (voice vote with two abstentions)

V.  Proposed Administrative Reorganization.
Assistant Chancellor Lostetter reviewed the administrative reorganization, which combines the division of Administrative Services and the University Financial Administration into one unit.  This reorganization will provide efficiencies in administrative operations by allowing for a greater coordination of major campus fiscal and capital activities; coordination of administrative fiscal and business services; coordination of planning activites in administrative and business services; a reduction of administrative costs (Assistant Chancellor position—1 FTE, Assistant to Facilities Manager position—0.6 FTE, and Office Manager, University Financial Administration—0.5 FTE); and application of best business practices.

M/S/P to approve the proposed administrative reorganization.  (voice vote)

VI.  Shared Governance Resolution.

The following resolution regarding shared governance is submitted by the UW-L Student Senate.

Whereas, the relationship between students, faculty, and academic staff is incredibly important to the efficient functioning of UW-La Crosse as an institution of higher education, and

Whereas, the issues that both the Faculty Senate and Academic staff Council discuss and decide inherently concern the UW-L Student Senate and the student body as a whole, and

Whereas, 36(09).05 clearly states that whenever and wherever an issue concerns students that they have the right to pursue an action that will involve themselves in the decision making process, and

Whereas, both faculty and academic staff are accorded the same rights under Wisconsin State Statutes 36(09).03 and 36(09).04 respectively, and

Whereas, it is time that each of the three governing bodies have a voting representative on each of the other respective governance bodies, and

Whereas, under President Adam Mueller’s and Vice-President Joe Amundsen’s Action Packet the student Faculty Senate Liaison is charged with furthering shared governance between students, faculty and academic staff, therefore

Be it resolved, that the UW-La Crosse Student Senate cordially and respectfully asks that the UW-L Faculty Senate and Academic Staff Council enter into negotiations whereto the intended goal will be to have a greater presence in each other’s governing process, which can include but not limited to the following:

1) Permanent voting member(s) on each other’s governing body
2) Create a separate shared governance/communication entity
3) Consider exchanges on an interim/renewable basis due to climate/issue changes

Be it finally resolved, that the UW-L Student Senate entrusts the student Faculty Senate Liaison to carry out such negotiations on behalf of the UWLSA with final approval needed from the UW-L Student Senate and other respective governing bodies.

The Faculty Senate appeared to support both the notion of and the need for communication and dialogue between the Faculty and Student Senates.  However, there appeared to be no support for either body to have a formal vote in the other’s senate.  There appeared to be general agreement that the Faculty Senate and the Student Senate should be separate governance bodies.  Suggestions were made concerning a possible seat each on the chancellor’s cabinet?  Maybe some creative venues to discuss issues.

M/S/F adoption of Shared Governance Resolution. (show of hands)

M/S/P that the SEC communicate to the Student Senate that we are open for dialogue.  (voice vote with abstentions)

VII.  Old Business.

VIII.  New Business.

IX.  Adjournment.

The meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Submitted by,

Thomas Hench
SEC At-large Member