36th Faculty Senate

Vol. 36, No. 1

May 3, 2001

I.  Roll Call.

Present:  Barmore, Barnd, Bigel, Brooks, Cravins, Gibson M., Heim, Hench, Hoar, Hollenback, Kelly S., Krajewski S., Marx, Monte, Senger, Sullivan R., Taylor P., Vandenberg-Daves, Vogt, Weaver, Wingate, Zellmer.

Excused:  Tyser, Wilson C.

II.  Election of Officers.

Chair:  Joe Heim

Vice-Chair:  Georges Cravins

Secretary:  Susan Kelly

At-Large Member:  Thomas Hench

III.  Election of Faculty Representative.

UW-L Faculty Representative:  Joe Heim

IV.  Election of WCWC Representative.

UW-L WCWC Representative:  Robert Wingate

V.  Adjournment.

The meeting adjourned at 3:55 p.m.

Submitted by,

Susan Kelly, Secretary