36th Faculty Senate

Vol. 36, No. 2

September 20, 2001

I.  Roll Call.

Present:  Barmore, Bigel, Brooks, Cravins, M. Gibson, Heim, Hench, R. Hoar, Hollenback, S. Kelly, S. Krajewski, Monte, Senger, R. Sullivan, P. Taylor, Tyser, Vandenberg-Daves, Vogt, Weaver, C. Wilson, Wingate, Zellmer.

Absent:  Barnd but she will bring treats to share at the next meeting.

II.  Minutes.

M/S/P to approve the minutes of the May 3, 2001, meetings of the 35th and 36th faculty senates.

III.  Reports.

A.  Chair’s Report.  Chair Heim welcomed the 36th faculty senate noting that the faculty senate has been in existence well before the creation of the University of Wisconsin System.   Copies of Chapter 36 were distributed with special emphasis on the roles of faculty/academic staff/students as it pertains to institutional governance.  Heim read a portion of the document under 36.09 Responsibilities… (4) "… the faculty shall have the primary responsibility for academic and educational activities and faculty personnel matters."  He posed the question to senators to ask  "has faculty governance strengthened or eroded over the years?"  He believes that the Faculty Senate is key to the concept of shared faculty governance.  As such, the SEC looked at faculty governance issues over the summer with the following goals:
· to strengthen faculty governance
· to increase communication with students, academic staff and other bodies
· to increase political activity of senators

Chair Heim encouraged senators to express their concerns over the pay plan to Governor Mc Callum and/or Secretary Fox.  Addresses and sample letters are available for those wishing to correspond.

The UW-L Student Association representative appointed to attend faculty senate meetings, David Glisch, was introduced.

Chair Heim indicated that the October meetings will focus on discussion of collective bargaining and the Marder decision.

Regarding the Search & Screen Committee for the Dean of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, & Teacher Education – 10 have volunteered; the deadline is 9/24/01.  One person has volunteered to serve on the Search & Screen Committee for the Associate Dean of the College of Business Administration.  The deadline is 10/1/01.

Charles Marx has resigned from the Faculty Senate.  Senator Marx was a College of Liberal Studies representative, but because there were no other candidates from that constituency in the most recent election, his seat will remain vacant for the 2001-02 academic year.

Heim congratulated Gary Gilmore on receiving the 2001 Regents Teaching Excellence Award.

B.  Chancellor Hastad’s Report – The Chancellor said that working in shared governance is a very rewarding experience and he is looking forward to the upcoming year.  In focusing in on the big picture we are setting ourselves apart from sister institutions.   He will keep us informed about pay plan – BOR is proposing 4.2 and 4.2%.

Events of last week – bring up to date on where campus is.  Students to be commended – candlelight vigil had 2000 people and 2500 at the Friday noon event.  He is proud of the campus.  Next stage is to try to decide what to do.  One idea is to educate people about issues of world.  The campus will embark on lecture series that begins next Monday evening.  Jess Hollenback will present lecture “Islam in the West”.  These are complicated, sensitive issues, and he thanked faculty for providing leadership.

C.  Ron Lostetter discussed the 2001-2003 Biennial Legislative Proposed Budget. Some highlights include –  HSC is now in base budget – Additional Tech Enrollments (52 students recruited – above enrollment management numbers) brought in additional dollars – advanced opportunity grants and Lawton funds - Restoration of capital building program funding.   On the negative side, - a 210K reduction in our base reduction - System-wide reduction in memberships($16,470 is our share). We still don’t know when pay plan will be implemented.  It will be retroactive. For more details on the budget,  refer to the Budget handout from Sept. 20.

We are engaged in space planning study on campus – space needs – international house 2003-5 biennium plans must be in by February 1st.  Program needs will drive any space needs.

Heim stated that there had been talk in Madison to separate faculty/academic staff pay raises.

IV.  UW-L Faculty Recruitment and Hiring Guidelines.

Provost/Vice-Chancellor Ron Rada highlighted the revised UW-L Faculty Recruitment & Hiring Guidelines.  We are presently using 1999 guidelines, which call for a review of guidelines yearly.  The review group was the PVC, FS Chair, Academic Deans, AAO, and HR director.  The 1999 guidelines were approved by faculty senate and then approved by Chancellor Kuipers with two revisions-Part 1: “…UWL Faculty Personnel Rules give departmental faculty (the was changed to a) primary role in the recruitment of faculty and in the hiring decision.” – Part 2, Step #4  the line “If more than one candidate is commended, the department may rank the candidates.” was removed.

Ranking has not been part of policy since 1999.  Hastad talked about the background and rationale for this.  In past few years we have been involved in 50-60+ searches on campus.  This experience prompted us to rethink the practice of ranking candidates, in part to prevent the university from potential litigation.  Also, a goal is to bring department and dean together on candidates of choice.

Senator Wingate expressed concern over departments’ loss of ability to rank.

Rada stated the revised guidelines streamline the process, make guidelines clearer, and include any mandated requirements since 1999 guidelines were approved.  Rada reviewed significant changes

Hench amendment on Part I.
M/S/P to substitute “give departmental faculty the primary role in the recruitment and hiring process for faculty as outlined in Part 2, below.”  (voice vote)

Bulk amendment on Step #4, C
M/S/P if the candidate declines to accept the offered position, the department may request permission to offer the position to another interviewed candidate.  Alternately, the department may request permission to interview additional candidates from the identified pool of qualified applicants, may request an extension of the search, or may close the search.  (voice vote)

Hench amendment on Step #4, A
M/S/P after the interview(s) have been conducted, the department or authorized representative(s) will determine which candidate(s) are acceptable for hiring.  Then, in accord with departmental By-laws and policies, the department  or authorized representative(s) will consult with the dean to collaboratively agree on recommendation(s) for hire.  Offers for hire must be agreed upon by the department or authorized representative(s) and the dean.  Departmental By-laws and policies may be written to determine this process of consultation with the dean.  If after appropriate consultation, the dean and the department or authorized representative(s) do not agree on a hiring decision, the following alternatives may be used: an additional candidate or candidates from the pool may be interviewed; an extension of the search may be authorized; the search may be terminated by the department or authorized representative(s), or the dean.

M/S/F to table just this amendment.  (show of hands:  6 yes, 14 no)

Hench amendment (as read by Kelly) PASSED. (voice vote)

Kelly amendment to Step #5, Part 4
M/S/P by midterm of spring semester in even-numbered calendar years (beginning spring semester 2004), the PVC will convene a review of the faculty recruitment process, to be jointly conducted by the chair of the faculty senate, Provost/Vice-Chancellor, the deans, Affirmative Action Director, Human Resources and three department chairs appointed by the Senate Executive Committee. (voice vote)

Main motion – entire document, as amended was approved.  (voice vote with 4 abstentions)

V.  Approval of Committee Appointments.

The Joint Promotion Committee (3-year terms) Lise Graham, Eric Kraemer, Lalita Pandit, and Dean Wilder.  (2-year continuing terms) George Arimond, Ron McKelvey, Curt Reithel, and Bruce Riley.  (1-year continuing term) Mary Hampton, Charles Lee, Mark Sandheinrich, and Greg Wegner.

Academic Planning Committee  (3-year terms) Sandra Krajewski, Bruce Osterby, and Gubbi Sudhakaran.  (2-year continuing terms) Ron Glass, John Porcari, and Ray Schoen - Convener.  (1-year continuing term) Pat Dirocco, S.N. Rajagopal, and Curt Reithel.

Consultative Layoff Committee  (3-year terms) David Bange, Justin Odulana, and Pam Rodgers.  (2-year continuing terms) Michael Abler, Paul Keaton, and Sara Sullivan.  (1-year continuing term) Joe Heim, Sandra Krajewski - Convener, and Rebecca LeDocq.

Committee on Faculty Committees
Sue Barnd, Georges Cravins - Convener, Tom Hench, Jess Hollenback, Steve Senger, and Carmen Wilson.

Elections Committee
Alan Bigel, T. J. Brooks - Convener, and Jodi Vandenberg-Daves.

Faculty Ombudspersons
Joe Heim, Susannah Lloyd (Spring semester), Kim Vogt (Fall semester), and Mark Zelmer.

Parking Appeals Board
Charles Marx - member
Ron Glass - alternate

M/S/P the above committee appointments.  (voice vote)

VI.  Old Business.

VII. New Business.

VIII. Adjournment.

The meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m.

Submitted by
Susan Kelly, Secretary