Faculty Senate
Vol. 38, No. 5
October 16, 2003

I.          Roll Call.

Present:  Beck, Bigel, Brooks, Dixon, Gendreau, Gibson, Gongaware, Heim, Hoar, Kernozek, Kraemer, Maher, Majak, Poulton, Ragan, B. Riley, D. Riley, Shanks, Shillinger, Sullivan, Vandenberg-Daves, Wilson, Wingate.

Excused:  Taylor.


II.          Approval of Minutes.

There were no minutes available at the time of the meeting.


III.         Reports.

Chair Hoar announced that the main agenda item for next week’s faculty senate meeting will be the report from the Positioning Task Force.  Copies of the document will be distributed electronically.


IV.        Approval of Nominees for the Search & Screen Committee for the Dean of the College of Liberal Studies.


In keeping with the UW-La Crosse policy regarding administrative searches, the faculty senate has been asked to provide the names of five faculty to serve on the search and screen committee for the Dean of the College of Liberal Studies.  There were many well respected individuals with a variety of experiences and personal accomplishments from which to select the following SEC nominees:


Rhonda Knox (Communication Studies)

Chuck Lee (History)

Denis Provencher (Modern Languages)

Raymond Schoen (English)

Joseph Tiffany (Sociology/Archaeology)


M/S/P that the above list of names be forwarded to the Chancellor to serve on the Search and Screen Committee for the Dean of the College of Liberal Studies.  (show of hands: 19-yes, 2-no, 1-abstain)


The Senate was concerned that with the large size of the college, and with a limitation of only five representatives, certain subsets could not be afforded adequate representation.  Chair Hoar agreed to forward any observations/concerns regarding committee make-up to the Chancellor to consider when making choices for the remaining committee members.  Specifically, there is no representation from the performing arts; there is not a person of color on the committee; there should be more women on the committee; and additional committee members should come from departments not currently represented on the committee.


V.         Adjournment.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.


Submitted by

Eric R. Kraemer, Secretary