Faculty Senate
Vol. 38, No. 8
November 20, 2003


I.          Roll Call.

Present:  Beck, Bigel, Brooks, Dixon, Gendreau, Gibson, Gongaware, Heim, Hoar, Kernozek, Kraemer, Maher, Majak, Poulton, Ragan, B. Riley, D. Riley, Shanks, Shillinger, Taylor, Vandenberg-Daves, Wilson, Wingate.

Excused:  Sullivan.


II.          Approval of Minutes.

The minutes of the October 23, 2003 meeting were approved as distributed with a clarification from Senator Shanks.


III.         Reports.


Chair Hoar spoke with Interim Director of Education, Dick Swantz who will provide the senate with specific recommendations with respect to the teacher education proposal in the report from the Positioning Task Force.  Presently the report is about 80% complete and expects to have it available for faculty senate review early next semester.


The Committee on Academic Policies & Standards is looking at a proposal to change M-term and summer school into three four-week sessions.  The SEC is hoping to receive the report prior to the end of the semester, however, there is a lot of detail that need to    be addressed – the implications are numerous.


CAPS is also looking into the implementation of the excess credit policy mandated by UW System.  The committee is still discussing that portion of the policy that would allow for appeals.  The current student population will not be grandfathered in.  Duel majors will be hurt by the policy; however students returning for a second major will not be affected.  Currently, there are only eight students on campus who would be affected.


The College of Liberal Studies Dean search/screen committee is up and running.  Rhonda Knox is chairing the committee, which has set a February 2, 2004 deadline for receiving applications.  On campus interviews are expected to be conducted the first two weeks of March.


Regent Davis visiting campus last week met with a few groups including the SEC.  Davis, who works in HR at Miller Brewing, is a recent appointment by Governor Doyle.  At the end of her visit she met with Chancellor Hastad for debriefing.


Copies of the Promotion Tenure & Salary Committee report on salary compression for tenured assistant professors with substantial years of service were distributed.  The committee determined that there are relatively few cases in the entire university, and concluded that Deans will need to analyze each case within their college.


UW System is looking at strategic planning processes.  Copies of a document out of one of the sub groups (of which Chancellor Hastad is a member), was distributed by Ron Lostetter.  Achieving Operating Efficiencies Work Group is looking for a response tomorrow to the question to centralize or decentralize.  Members of the Joint Planning & Budget Committee reviewed the report at its meeting yesterday.  The numbers are disturbing; we need to be cautious.  Centralization within System has not worked very well.  Skeptical that anything UW System does saves us money; encourage to speak against centralization but speak up for decentralization.  Trend in the nation is to decentralize.  Previous attempts at economies of scale have not been successful.


M/S/P that the Achieving Operating Efficiencies Work Group examine ways to gain efficiency through decentralization and only consider centralization in situations where there is considerable evident of significant cost savings to all UW institutions without loss of services or performance.  (unanimous show of hands)


Faculty representative Joe Heim will carry comments back to meeting.


Student groups looking at excess policy issues as well as academic initiatives.  Students are beginning to understand and are accepting it a little better than initially.


IV.        Joint Promotion Committee Replacement.


M/S/P the Senate Executive Committee recommendation that Bruce Riley replace Nancy Navar for a one-year term on the Joint Promotion Committee.  (voice vote with one abstention)


V.         College of HPERTE Name Change.


M/S/P to approve the recommendation from the College of Health, Physical Education Recreation and Teacher Education to change its name to the College of Education, Exercise Science, Health & Recreation.  (show of hands (22-yes, 0-no, 1-abstain)


Note that the process for name change needs to make it to the Board of Regents for final approval.


VI.        Search & Screen Committee for the Dean of the College of HPERTE.


M/S/P to approve the following faculty to serve on the search/screen committee for the Dean of the College of HPERTE.  (show of hands with one abstention)


Mandi Anderson

George Arimond

Carl Foster

Joyce Shanks

Marcie Wycoff-Horn


The faculty senate would like to see another person from educational studies, and will forward the name of Teri Staloch for the Chancellor to consider when he makes his appointments.

Search & Screen Committee for the Two Associate Dean Positions in the College of Science & Allied Health.


M/S/P to approve the following faculty to serve on the search/screen committee for the Two Associate Dean Positions in the College of SAH.  (show of hands with three abstentions)


Georges Cravins

Adrienne Loh

S. N. Rajagopal

Steve Senger

Gwyneth Straker


The faculty senate would like to see another person with clinical background on the search and screen committee.  Concerns expressed that there is no representative from one of the larger departments, health professions not well represented, and the needs of accreditation programs will also be forwarded to the Chancellor for consideration when he makes his appointments.


In light of recent search and screen procedures, the Senate Executive Committee plans to review and investigate the administrative appointments process.


M/S/P recommend the chancellor request academic staff council to consider appointing academic staff with faculty status to the SAH associate dean search committee if allowed by bylaws.  (voice vote)


VIII.       Adjournment.

The meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.



Submitted by 

Eric R. Kraemer, Secretary