Faculty Senate
Vol. 38, No. 14
April 8, 2004



I.          Roll Call.

Present:  Beck, Bigel, Brooks, Dixon, Gendreau, Gibson, Gongaware, Heim, Hoar, Kernozek, Kraemer, Maher, Majak, Poulton, Ragan, B. Riley, D. Riley, Shanks, Shillinger, Sullivan, Taylor, Vandenberg-Daves, Wingate.

Excused:  Wilson.


II.         Minutes.

The minutes of the February 26, March 11, and March 25, 2004, meetings were approved as distributed.


III.       Reports.

Ballots have been returned for senate elections.  Results will be tabulated Friday afternoon.  The organization meeting for the 39th Faculty Senate is May 6th.


Update on Search and Screens:  Chair Hoar reported that CLS has forwarded the name of a candidate; SAH completed on-campus interviews.  The SEC distributed a letter expressing concerns with respect to the search; EESHR has invited four candidates to campus – the first one is on campus today.


Looking ahead to remaining business, Chair Hoar anticipates several academic program review reports; a request for an authorization to implement an M.A. in Occupational Therapy; also, the College of Business is seeking an entitlement to plan a UW Consortium MBA degree.  Other reports will be coming in as well, so Senators can expect a few more long meetings.


Provost/Vice-Chancellor – no report.


Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance, Ron Lostetter reported on some “good” financial news/recommendations with respect to the pay parity plan, which are working their way through the various financial committees.  The BOR has authorized Veterans Day as a floating holiday for 12 month staff members, however it must be used by June 30th.  Faculty and staff will get an extra day off as a part of the next pay plan, along with a $250 dollar one-time payment. 


Chancellor Hastad announced yesterday at the Planning & Budget Committee that UWL has completed negotiations with respect to EM21 and how much of budget and tuition will remain at UWL on the basis of that agreement.  System has agreed to allow us to use higher tuition amounts over the four years rather than six to get the full benefit of $716,710.  They also agreed to forgive us of having to collect $445,000.  Lostetter credits the Chancellor, Provost Hitch, and Sharon Radtke along with others for the hard work in terms of limiting enrollments and trying to maintain quality – increase quality and attracting students.  There is strong support of what is happening here at UW-La Crosse.   He also announced that we are on track for freshmen enrollment, and close to target of non-residents.


Faculty Representative, Joe Heim attended a March 25th meeting where a summary of budget impacts on various campuses was discussed, as well as TABOR, Credit Transfer, and Plan 2008. 


IV.       Proposed Revision to the Excess Credit Appeals Process – CAPS.

Marc Rott, Chair of the Committee on Academic Policies & Standards presented the following proposal to revise the appeals process for the Excess Credit Policy.


Excess Credit Policy Revision (1/23/04)


Appeal Process

Each student has the right to appeal the surcharge once it has been levied.  An appeals committee will consist of one representative from each of the following areas: deans’ offices, faculty (suggest CAPS chair), student, records and registration office, financial aid office, student life office and the assistant controller as ex officio member. The appeal will be submitted, using a standard form (Appendix B), through the student’s dean’s office. After indicating whether or not the dean supports the appeal, it will be forwarded to the assistant controller, who will call a meeting of the committee. The committee will either approve it or deny it and adjust the student’s account accordingly. If a student needs to withdraw from school because an appeal is denied, the withdrawal will be dated the first day of school. An appeal is good for a specified period of time, no more than one year.


By way of background, Rott noted that from a system perspective this is a fiscal policy and from the deans office it is fiscal as well.  Who might be setting guidelines that committee would follow?  The first committee will probably be the one to make the criteria.  Assumption is that any criteria would be approved by faculty governance channels for approval such as this.  It is effective next fall.


M/S/P to approve the recommendation.  (voice vote)


V.        Recommendation to Implement the Proposed Policy for Unofficial Withdrawals – CAPS.


In response to an issue concerning our compliance with a Federal regulation that requires colleges and universities to document whether enrolled students who receive financial aid attended any classes or when they actually stopped attending classes, CAPS reviewed the following recommendations from UW System:


  • Institutions should have or develop a written policy to document non-attendance or unofficial withdrawals.
  • Institutions should consider developing a “no-show” policy that would officially withdraw students who do not attend classes during the first weeks of the semester.
  • Institutions should consider instituting a verification of enrollment process that asks instructors early in the semester to indicate students who are not attending class.
  • Institutions should consider adopting a new grade that flags students who receive an “F” for non-attendance.


As a result of the above recommendations, CAPS is recommending the implementation of the following proposed Policy for Unofficial Withdrawals, with the understanding that taking attendance is a faculty prerogative.



Proposed Procedures for Unofficial Withdrawals  (final draft 2/21/04)


Early Notification

Faculty/instructional academic staff will receive opening day and tenth day class lists. These first two weeks of a term, it is important for faculty to notify the Records and Registration Office who is on class lists, but not attending class. R&R will follow up with students to drop those classes.

                Computer generated class sign-in sheets could be developed if it would facilitate this process.

End of Term Grading

Faculty will assign a grade of ”N/A” (Not Active) rather than an “F” to students for whom there is insufficient evidence of course participation before the end of the period.


Faculty who assign an N/A grade will specify, on the final grade roster, the last date for which there is evidence of course participation.


N/A grade will be defined as “Student did not officially withdraw from the course, but failed to participate in course activities through the end of the period. There is insufficient evidence to make a meaningful evaluation of academic performance possible.”  The N/A grade will appear as an “F” on the student record and will negatively impact the GPA.

Identification of Unofficial Withdrawals

The Registrars Office will produce a list of students whose grades are all N/A’s and provide this list to the Cashiers Office and the Student Financial Aid Office (SFAO).


                The SFAO will eliminate those students who did not receive student financial aid.


Using the narrowed list, the Registrar’s Office will identify dates faculty recorded on grade sheets. If the faculty do not specify a last date for which there was evidence of course participation, the student will be assumed to have participated 50% of the enrollment period.

Calculation of Monetary Liability

                The Cashiers Office will calculate any amount owed back to the federal or state student

                financial aid programs.

Notification of Liability

                The SFAO will bill the student for money owed back to the federal or state student

                Financial aid programs and notify the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) of

                repayments owed to the federal government.


                The Cashiers Office will bill the student for any money owed back to UW-La Crosse.



Appeals may be made to the SFAO.  Students who wish to appeal will need to provide evidence to the faculty that their actual last date participation was different than that reported to the registrar as part of the grading process.



M/S/P to approve the Proposed Procedures for Unofficial Withdrawals.  (show of hands: 2-abstentions)


VI.       Continued Discussion of the UW-La Crosse Academic Initiatives, Fall 2003.

Ron Lostetter reviewed the Graduate and Undergraduate Research/Creativity initiative.  He explained that both already have committees; currently undergraduate research has $80K with an additional $20K split between two programs (graduate and undergraduate). 


Graduate and Undergraduate Research/Creativity


Program Intent:             Increase funding for the graduate and undergraduate

research/creativity programs. Overall, increase opportunities for students to participate in this activity.


Note:                                        Add graduate student to the Graduate Research/Creativity Committee and at least on undergraduate student to the Undergraduate Research/Creativity Committee.


(There is no committee with the name “Graduate Research/Creativity Committee.” There is a

Graduate Student Research Grant Program, and currently, the graduate research funds are

 given out by the office of University Graduate Studies with the review of the proposals performed by the Graduate Council.)


M/S/P to endorse the Graduate/Undergraduate Research/Creativity portion of the document.  (show of hands:  1-opposed, 3 abstaining)




Program Intent:             Increase number of diverse students at UW-L. Hire

                                                Diversity Recruiter and Campus Climate Coordinator.

                                                Allow Campus Climate Coordinator to develop the Diversity

                                                Resource Center.


Note:                                       The Diversity Recruiter would report to Admissions and the Campus Coordinator would report to the UW-L Office of Affirmative Action & Diversity.


Petra Roter, Dean of Student Development, Barbara Stewart, Director of the Office of Multicultural Student Services, and Al Thompson, Affirmative Action Officer explained the three components of the initiatives and answered questions.  $185K comes from (1/2 from academic initiatives – other half is paid by vending dollars); Dr. Thompson (AAO) says we have increased the number of students of color to 54 more than last year.  Native American numbers have remained steady at about 52.  130 African American students in 94, 95, 96 on campus.  Hmong and Hispanic is largest growing population.  Overall, the students of color population has shown steady increase over the decade. 


The Senate had many questions.  Are there any sunset provisions?  Yes, the students have included fail/safe mechanisms.  Very concerned and have put together oversight committees.  There must be accountability.  After three years there is an assessment for each program and at the end of five years the whole thing comes up for assessment.  (Committee consists of five students – representatives from each college, one at-large member, Lostetter, Hitch, and/or Roter).  


M/S/P endorse the Diversity portion of the document.  (show of hands:  yes-16, no-3, abstain-3)





Program Intent:             Increase number of international students at UW-L and

                                      increase the opportunities for UW-L campus based students

                                      to participate in international education. Overall, all

                                      students at UW-L will benefit from the increased

                                      international experiences and sharing of diverse cultures.


Note:                             The existing Office of International Education would coordinate this program. Program participants can be graduate and undergraduate students.


Jay Lokken, Director of the Office of International Education reviewed the proposal which is one of the first in the nation, based on the Webster model. Will help UW-La Crosse substantially compete with really bright international students – graduate and undergraduate.  Webster University provides airline tickets to study abroad.  We will need to work out a formula to help students.  Graduate students are not excluded.


M/S/P to endorse the Internationalization portion of document.  (show of hands: 16-yes, 3-no, 2-abstaining)


V.        Adjournment.

The meeting adjourned at 5:45 p.m.



Submitted by

Eric R. Kraemer, Secretary