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S. The Teacher Education Governing Council


Duties and Responsibilities of the committee shall include:


  1. Developing and reviewing policies on issues affecting teacher education programs including overall program philosophy and framework, and unit assessment.


  1. Establishing, in consultation with departments or colleges, standards pertaining to certification requirements, candidate review policy, admission requirements, exit requirements and enrollment management.


  1. Reviewing, in consultation with departments or colleges, proposals for new teacher education programs or changes in current teacher education programs, and forwarding recommendations to the appropriate curriculum committee.


  1. Monitoring and maintaining the Strategic Plan for the School of Teacher Education.


  1. Providing advice to the Director of the School of Education.


  1. Serving as an advocate for teacher education on campus and in the community.


  1. Reviewing accreditation and program approval reports for teacher education programs.


Voting membership of the committee shall consist of the Director of the School of Education, nine faculty members, one teacher education student chosen by the Student Senate, and three professional educators from outside the university chosen by the Director of the School of Education and approved by the Teacher Education Governing Council. The faculty membership shall include:

a.        one representative from each of the four professional education programs in the College of Education, Exercise Science, Health and Recreation (CEESHR). The professional programs are Early Childhood/Elementary/Middle Level Education, Middle Level/Secondary Education, Physical Education Teacher Education, and School Health Education.

b.        one representative from a CEESHR graduate program leading to certification.

c.         four representatives with teaching or advising responsibility for teacher education in their discipline from the College of Liberal Studies, the College of Science and Allied Health, or the College of Business Administration.


The Director of General Education, the Assistant to the Director of the School of Education, the Director of Student Teaching/Internships, and the Assistant to the Dean of CEESHR shall serve as administrative consultants to the committee. The committee shall elect its chair. The Director of the School of Education shall serve as convener. Terms of membership shall be three years, staggered so that three members retire and are replaced every year. A committee member shall abstain from voting on the approval of any policy or programmatic proposal if the committee member or the committee determines that the proposal presents a conflict of interest for the committee member.