Faculty Senate


Vol. 39, No. 16                                                                                                                       3:30 p.m.

April 28, 2005                                                                                                                         325 Graff Main Hall


I.  Roll Call.

Present:  Clow, Cravins, Dixon, Gendreau, Gongaware, Grunwald, Heim, Hench, Johnston-Rodriguez, Kernozek, Kraemer, S. Krajewski, Maher, Majak, C. Miller, Poulton, Ragan, B. Riley, Senger, Shanks, Shillinger, D. Sullivan.

Excused:  Beck, Galbraith.


II.  Approval of Minutes.

The minutes of the February 24, March 3, March 24, and March 31, 2005, meetings were approved as distributed with the addition of the roll call to the March 3rd meeting.


III.  Reports.

Chair Riley reminded Senators that nominations for officers to the 40th Faculty Senate are due in the office by Tuesday, May 3rd at 4:00 p.m. for election at the May 5th (Cookie Day) meeting.  Nominations can also be made from the floor.


The SEC is soliciting names from faculty who are willing to serve on an ad hoc Committee to investigate the effects of the budget cuts.  To date ten people have agreed to serve.

Provost/Vice Chancellor Hitch reported that the North Central Accreditation representative, Peg Lee is on campus.  Lee has been affiliated with NCA for over 20 years and done 30 separate visits and is a valuable resource for UW-L’s upcoming visit.  The dialogue was great at today’s campus forum entitled How Can UW-L Use Scholarship and Research to Stimulate Organizational and Educational Improvement?"  Be sure to mark your calendars for the final forum next Thursday at 12 Noon in 259 Cartwright, where the topic is "What are UW-L's Strengths and Areas in Need of Improvement?"

University Registrar, Diane Schumacher, shared the following enrollment information.  Priority registration ended this week: 97% of target for continuing.  Transfers are good: 83% of target.  Re-entries are beginning; Graduates are down a bit; Freshmen looking great…will be on target of between 1720-35; Still accepting freshmen; Still good students coming in; 8717 head count….8200 FTE; Target is 740 for graduate students still need 500 students more.  Nonresident students currently enrolled: 247 for fall - target is 455.  Spaces for general education courses were 1518 at 15 credits each for 1720 students.  Summer School is at 70% of 8250 SCH which is the target (1194).  Last year we were at 90% of 10,500.   


Summer School and International Task Force report will be out on the web soon, as will the final report from Noel-Levitz.


Vice Chancellor Lotstetter distributed copies of a letter from System President Reilly that encourages cuts be farther away from the campuses.  The Provost/CBO Efficiency Study will address the following questions:

  • What functions are performed by the System Administration or the institutions that do not add value, and therefore we should stop doing?
  • What functions are useful, but need improvement?
  • What functions currently performed by System Administration might be better delegated to the institutions?
  • What functions are performed by the institutions that could be done on a centralized basis to better serve the institutions and the state?


Lostetter is optimistic that this will put more toward System and away from campuses.


The new Academic Building is still on track.  This $36.6M project includes 47 classrooms and 182K square feet of space.  La Crosse is now moving toward the full blown planning phase in the next biennium.  The planning money will come from the Building Trust Fund…this gets their buy-in.  Expected completion will be in time for UW-Ls hundred anniversary.  This project has received a lot of support from politicians, thanks in part to efforts by Joe Heim.


The Faculty Representatives will hold a teleconference tomorrow.  The agenda includes discussion of the UW-Oshkosh proposal for a productivity increase for full professors – something like a promotion raise.  Copies of the 4/2/05 Legislative Update were distributed to the senate.  Of particular interest is the Governor’s proposal for 2005-07 pay raises for non-represented state employees, faculty and academic staff:  Karen Timberlake, director of the Office of State Employment Relations is recommending 2% in July 2005, 2%in July of 2006 and and 1% in April 2007.


IV.  Computer Science Major – Concentration in Computer Engineering Technology.


This concentration was developed at the request of WWTC, and defines the major requirements appropriate for students who have completed the Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology at WWTC, as well as identifying the transfer relationship between WWTC courses and UW-L courses.  WWTC anticipates that only a few students (5 or less) will consider pursuing a Computer Science major at UW-L, consequently the department does not expect a significant impact on its resources.  This concentration comes to the senate, having received approval from the SAH College Committee, the Academic Planning Committee, and the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.


M/S/P to approve. (unaminous)


V.  Committee on Faculty Committees Report.

Dick Sullivan, committee chair, reviewed the criteria used in making committee assignments, where members who were continuing held precedence.  Other members of the Committee on Committees include:  Sandra Grunwald, Joe Heim, Bruce Riley, and Joyce Shanks.


M/S/P to approve.


VI.  Academic Program Review Reports.

Rich Pein, Chair of the Academic Program Review Committee, joined the senate.  The committee had concerns about the APR timeline and the scheduling of outside reviewer; some departments were having problems meeting the review schedule.  Senator Grunwald wanted to know how the committee decided whether or not a department has appropriate SLO.  (She is on NCA team looking at SLO).  The committee struggles with assessment plans and depend on outside reviewers.


Philosophy Department.  It was noted that problems regarding staffing and resources need to be addressed.


Art Department.  Exploring a studio concept for its programs.  Dean Mason commented that Art department understands the challenges, have engaged in a retreat/discussing the issues/do not want to give up the studio concept but still need coherent SLO that flow through the curriculum.  Professors Morgan and Vogt facilitated the retreat and report the department is working on the recommendations made by facilitators.


Dean Mason commented that he would like each CLS department to follow-up each APR with a retreat to capitalize on the review.


M/S/P to endorse the Philosophy Department and the Art Department reviews.  (voice vote)


VII.  Adjournment.

The meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.