Department of Computer Science                                          

221 Wing Technology Center                                                    

La Crosse WI  54601                                                               





DATE:      February 24, 2005                                                         


TO:         Dan Duquette, Chair

                   Academic Planning Committee


FROM:      Steve Senger, Chair

                   Computer Science Department                      


SUBJECT:  Computer Science Major – Concentration in Computer Engineering Technology



The Computer Science Major - Concentration in Computer Engineering

Technology defines the Computer Science major requirements appropriate

for students who have completed the Associate Degree in Electrical

Engineering Technology at WWTC. This concentration is best viewed as

an adaptation of the existing major requirements for this population

of students.  In particular it identifies the transfer relationship

between WWTC courses and UW-L courses as well as identifying an

exception to the SAH college requirements. The concentration was

developed at the request of WWTC.  WWTC anticipates that only its best

Computer Engineering students, probably less then 5 a year,  will

consider pursuing a Computer Science major at UW-L.  Consequently, we

do not expect a significant impact on resources. This concentration

received the approval of the SAH College Committee on 1/28/05.