Academic Advising Center Implementation Team


“An Implementation Team will need to be constructed in order to work out the details not contained in the proposal (Academic Initiatives 2003). The Team should include Student Senate representatives and two individuals from each college (perhaps one faculty and one college staff member that deals with advising.”


This team will be named by the Provost in consultation with Student Government and Faculty Senate. The implementation team would serve under the Provost and as advisor to the new Director. The implementation team would be headed by the Director and comprised of at least one academic staff member and one faculty member from each college, both of whom should have considerable experience with advising. No fewer than four students (preferably Student Senate representatives) should also be included. The Dean of Student Development and Academic Services or her designee should also serve. The Director may call upon others as consultants to the team in order to accomplish the tasks at hand. Members of the team need to be available to work during summer 2004 and through the academic year in 2004-05.” (Academic Initiatives, Revised, 2004, p. 2)


Academic Advising Center Implementation Team membership, as of 8/30/04


Chair (Academic Advising Center Director)

Doug Swanson

Dean of Student Dev./ Academic Services

Petra Roter

CBA faculty member

Lisa Giddings

CBA academic advisor

Amelia Dittman

CLS faculty member

Don Kuderer

CLS academic advisor

Kathy Elgin

EESHR faculty member

Dan Duquette

EESHR academic advisor

Sandra Keller

SAH faculty member

Mark Sandheinrich

SAH academic advisor

Carla Burkhardt

Student Rep.


Student Rep.


Student Rep.


Student Rep.


Student Support Services Rep.

Mary Coady


Barbara Stewart

DRS Rep.

Gail Kettner-Buchner


Karla Stanek, Interim Director, Career Services




Andy Monfre has been asked to provide the names of students who would like to sit on the committee.


I understand that this will make for a HUGE team, and that huge teams are often unwieldy. I think we need to make these understandings from the outset:


  • In a sense, the name “Implementation Team” is a misnomer. We are not implementing; we have already implemented. The team is really an oversight group. However, I am continuing with the name given to us by the Academic Initiatives 2003 and 2004 documents.
  • I am not including Academic Advising Center staff on the team because they report to me anyway. As chair of the Team, I will be the ACC’s representative there.
  • The team will meet at least twice each semester, even if we can’t find a time when “everyone” can attend. (Finding such a time for 18 people is unrealistic.) I will schedule these meeting times in an effort to find the date/ time that works best for as many of the members as possible. We will schedule the meetings at least 30 days in advance, and all meetings will be open to the public unless there’s some particular reason not to be (e.g. personnel decisions, etc.).
  • The team’s assignment is to “work out the details contained in the proposal” (Academic Initiatives 2003) and not to reinvent the wheel. We have the Academic Initiatives document to guide us; that is the road map we will follow.



Doug Swanson

Aug. 30, 2004