Faculty Senate

Meeting of December 9, 2004

3:30 p.m. – 325 Graff Main Hall





I.          Roll Call.


II.         Approval of Minutes – November 4, November 18.


III.       Reports.

A.                 Chair’s Report.

B.                 Provost/Vice Chancellor’s Report.

C.        Chief Financial Officer's Report.

D.        Student Association Representative’s Report.


IV.       Spring Semester Replacement for Senator David Riley.


V.        Approval of December Graduation List.


VI.       New Mathematics Major and Minor Emphases (documents distributed for November 18 meeting).


VII.      General Education.

A.                 Motions (regarding mission statement and faculty forum) from the General Education Committee (distributed for November 18 meeting).

B.                 Discussion of the issues the Faculty Senate would like the requested Spring 2005 General Education Committee report to address.

C.                 Review of structural organization of the General Education Committee.


VIII.     Update from Ad Hoc Program Array Review Committee.


IX.       Unfinished Business.


X.        New Business.


XI.       Adjournment.