Faculty Senate

Meeting of September 16, 2004

3:30 p.m. – 326 Cartwright Center





I.          Roll Call.


II.         Approval of Minutes – April 8, 22, 29, May 5 (38th and 39th Faculty Senate)


III.       Senate Executive Committee Recommendation Regarding the Vacant CBA Senate Seat.


IV.       Reports.

A.        Chair’s Report

B.         Provost/Vice-Chancellor’s Report

C.        Faculty Representative’s Report

D.        Student Association Representative’s Report


V.        Senate Executive Committee Nominations for:

A.        Joint Promotion Committee

B.         Consultative Lay-off Committee

C.        Committee on Faculty Committees

D.        Senate Elections Committee

E.         Faculty Ombudspersons

F.         Parking Appeals Board

G.        Enrollment Management Advisory Group for Setting Targets/Mix

H.        General Education Committee

I.          Budget Review Committee


VI.       Senate Executive Committee Nomination of Faculty Members on the Search and Screen Committee for the Position of Dean of the College of Education, Exercise Science, Health and Recreation.


VII.      Reports on Summer Activities:

A.        Advising Center

B.         Taskforce on Academic Initiatives in International Education

C.        General Education Committee


VIII.     Old Business.


IX.       New Business.


X.        Adjournment.