University of Wisconsin

La Crosse

Faculty Senate


Faculty Representative Report

Meeting of 4 November 2005

(1820 Van Hise, UW-Madison)


1.       Meeting Structure


The meeting consisted of two sessions:

  • A morning session (9-11:30 AM) attended only by Faculty Representatives.
  • An afternoon or “regular” session,  attended by UW System staff and Faculty Representatives.


2.       Agenda and Outcomes, Morning Session


The purpose of the morning meeting was to allow Faculty Representatives to meet and sort out their own agenda and priorities without the involvement of UW System staff. Faculty Representatives generally agreed to the following at the morning meeting:


* The need to have future meetings exclusively for Faculty Representatives in order to focus on issues and to develop strategies that are important to faculty.


* The need to continue to advocate for faculty representation on the UW Board of Regents.


* The need to continue holding as many “face-to-face” Faculty Reps meetings as possible, and to avoid the trend toward teleconferencing.


3.       Agenda and Discussion, Afternoon Meeting


a.       The new State of Wisconsin Travel Policy


  • All State of Wisconsin Travel must be booked through the Adelman Travel agency or through Orbitz.
  • Adelman is now under investigation.
  • The DOA has responsibility for implementing travel by State of Wisconsin employees.
  • The UW System (Doug) has actively communicated with the DOA in order to get clarification on WI travel policies, as well as to inform DOA of UW’s unique needs with respect to travel.


The UW System has extensively communicated with chief financial officers (CFOs) on all UW campuses concerning travel. Faculty and staff should contact their CFOs for any information pertaining to travel.


b.       Personnel Policies


  • UW System faces scrutiny of its personnel practices in the wake of scandals that have resulted in significant legislative criticism.
  • The Business and Finance Committee of the UW Board of Regents (BOR) will take up the personnel policy issue at the next meeting of the BOR.
  • UW System employees can expect a “tightening” of personnel policies as a result revelations – particularly on the Madison campus – and President Reilly’s reaction to negative publicity.


c.       Report on the Campus Climate Study.


Denise Clark, in her new position as overseer of “campus climate” for the UW System, provided information and perspective on campus climate for GLBT and racially-identified minority populations.  Problems that need to be addressed include:


  • No common definition of what “campus climate” is.
  • Continued reports that GPLT  populations face problems resulting from negative climates on certain campuses.




Compiled by Georges Cravins for Dr. Joe Heim

8 November 2005